Magnetic London; Design & Communication Agency with Expertise in Augmented Reality

With the growing technological landscape, businesses need to be more creative, innovative and customer centric. The end users and customers today are more fascinated by augmented realty and so the businesses are trying to meet the challenge. From shoppable windows to real life products that we use to improve the quality of life, the world of augmented reality is growing spectacularly.

So if you are planning to evolve your business to capture a new market, gain competitive edge, increase customer engagement or re brand yourself with an innovative design, do get in touch with Magnetic; a London based multi-disciplinary design and communication agency, providing a wide range of innovative, creative and attractive services.

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What makes Magnetic London different from others is that they have lot more than print and digital design; they have a recent success story as one of the early adopters of augmented reality.

Here’s all what Magnetic can help you with:

  • Complete Design and Communication Strategy
  • Design Consultancy
  • TV In A Card
  • Videos, Animations & Presentations
  • Game & Apps Design
  • Design for Print
  • Logo & Corporate ID Design
  • Web Design
  • Augmented Reality

Most businesses look for a trustworthy name, when they are going to invest in innovative campaigns. Well, Magnetic is certainly a trustworthy name, as they have teamed up with Lee Kum Kee who also partnered with Dreamworks to sponsor the new Kung Fu Panda 3 movie, so you can be sure about the highest quality work!

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Magnetic London in Their Own Words:

Magnetic is a London based multi-disciplinary design and communication agency, providing a wide range of services. With a multilingual team of designers from a range of different professional backgrounds, we create bold, meaningful designs that go beyond our client’s expectations. At Magnetic, each project is tailor-made according to our client’s needs. Backed with extensive research, we begin each project by deciding on an appropriate mood or atmosphere, whether it be formal, playful, nostalgic, etc. Once we’ve found the right tone, we start to build on top of it, bit by bit, tile by tile… We keep our clients in the loop at all stages of their project, as we see them as partners rather than clients. What makes us different to other design companies, is that we don’t simply produce a desired outcome.


What Brings Magnetic London to the Spotlight:

They focus on building and managing a complete communication strategy, to ensure you engage and grow your audiences as effectively as possible!


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