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Mailroof for Maximizing Sales and Better Customer Retention

Email is one essential component of online marketing. Times have certainly changed, email marketing is one sought after medium to boost business sales and to reach out to potential customers all over the globe.

Yes! It is an impressive miracle of cyber age, but being a beneficiary of email marketing you must have felt at times, how tedious it gets to keep track of every single mail sent to a prospective customer.

Almost 48% of the sales people never look in to the key factors involved in converting prospective customers in to a permanent one. Prospective customers are never followed up, they are unintentionally ignored and finally lost.

This problem can be effectively overcome with the meticulous analytical powers of Mailroof; a software that is specifically designed to boost sales and convert prospective customers in to steady ones.

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Mailroof  singles out contacts on the basis of,  who opened the mail first and who opened it the most . The numerical data eases your task in assessing any random contact’s interest in your message. It even automatically drafts personalized followup mails to your contacts.

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Highlight of Mailroof an intelligent email system is that it provides you with the complete information about your sales cycle. Mailroof’s dashboard keeps you updated with all the details related to your prized contacts.

It scans your inbox for contacts ignored for too long, hence reminding you to get in touch with them. Furthermore use of graph features by Mailroof gives you a visual idea about your sales.

Mailroof is a great way for startups and small businesses to increase efficiency.

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Mailroof in Their Own Words:

We help keep your existing customers so you can focus on finding new ones. It’s an intelligent email system, provides detailed sales data to the users, and keeps businesses in touch with their potential customers hence smoothly retaining a steady customer base.


What brings Mailroof to the Spotlight:

It increase efficiency and helps in improving the conversions by finding your lost customers!


Mailroof Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.