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Make Most Out of You Mac’s Battery with Coolant

Despite the skinny frame, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs usually have enough battery to last between six to eight hours. Though, this is much higher amount than others, there are times when you need your Mac’s battery last longer, i.e. while travelling, during busy business days etc.

One of the most common reasons for quickly drained battery is “runaway process”, i.e. an app, or another feature of the OS that sometimes go awry and cause the processor to work overtime.

In order to save battery, you must know which app/program requires a lot of processing power for an extended amount of time and close it right away. Well, it may not be that easy to know when actually this is happening, unless you have a monitoring tool like Coolant.

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Coolant is a must to enhance battery life and keep your Mac cool as it lets you know about CPU intensive apps before they drain your battery or overheat your Mac. It’s a menu bar app for Mac that alerts you when a process uses a high amount of CPU. After it notifies you, you can let the power hungry app continue to run or close it and save battery. Or if you want to take a closer look, you can click the notification to open OS X’s built-in Activity Monitor application.


It’s a great way to make most out of your Mac’s battery in just $9.99. You can test the free version for 7 days to check how useful it can be!

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Coolant in Their Own Words:

Coolant tells you when an app is using a lot of processing power so you can close it, save battery life, and continue being productive for hours more.

It can be hard to know when an app is taking more of resources and before you know it, you look up and see that your battery is already half drained. Coolant was created to prevent situations like this.

What Brings Coolant to the Spotlight:

Simple solution for optimized battery.

Coolant Website:

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