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How to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable

Dining out is an age-old tradition that has become increasingly popular recently. More people than ever are choosing to dine out, but it comes with the added responsibility of remembering how our food choices can seriously impact the environment. Fortunately, you can take a few simple and often inexpensive steps to make your restaurant more sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are six ways you can make your restaurant greener.

Reduce Food Waste

Implementing steps that minimize food waste helps the environment and benefits your business financially. You can reduce how much is thrown away by cutting back on portion sizes or coming up with new recipes to use excess ingredients. Additionally, you can donate unwanted or unsellable food items to local charities. This way, people in need will receive nourishing meals, and your business will have less waste to dispose of. Preventing food waste helps reduce environmental impacts and does good for those in challenging situations.

Go Local

Supporting local farmers helps keep them in business, preventing regional unemployment and encouraging sustainable development. Beyond that, purchasing locally-grown food saves energy that would otherwise be utilized for transporting and preserving foods imported from other countries. Additionally, locally grown produce tends to be fresher and more nutrient-rich than their foreign counterparts that have gone through several weeks of lengthy transportation processes, ultimately leading to decreased longevity.

Use Compostable Food Packaging

Compostable packaging is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, as it can be tossed into existing food waste bins, eliminating specific recycling and disposal fees. Companies like Good Start Packaging offer discounts on bulk purchases, so if you’re running a large-scale operation, you can benefit from this cost-friendly approach in the long run.

Reduce Energy Usage

Energy consumption is one of the most critical targets for making restaurants more sustainable. Installing energy-efficient appliances such as LED lights can save your restaurant significant energy and money savings. Additionally, installing solar panels can help you fully use natural resources instead of relying solely on fossil fuels, so you avoid contributing to climate change caused by carbon emissions. Ensuring all equipment is turned off when in use is key since these machines will still consume power when not actively being used.

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Educate Your Customers and Staff

Educating customers and staff on the importance of green initiatives will help create a culture where everyone is committed to reaching collective goals. Engaging customers by providing factual information about their choices, such as why compostables are suggested for takeout or why local ingredients were used rather than international imports, can drive home the cause. Similarly, offering employees training sessions to learn about sustainability practices and how their contributions make a difference can encourage passionate advocacy from all business areas.

Recycle and Compost Properly

Providing separate bins for recycling certain materials and composting food scraps is a great way to keep your establishment environmentally friendly. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills, but it also helps ensure that these materials can decompose naturally. Additionally, many cities offer free pickup services for recyclables and compostable materials if you don’t have room for dedicated bins onsite, so double-check with local regulations first. By taking this extra step, you can help positively impact the environment while keeping your business up to date with current regulations.

Making a restaurant more sustainable takes effort, but with these six tips reducing food waste, going local, reusing and recycling materials, reducing energy usage, and educating customers and staff, you’ll be well on your way toward creating an environmentally friendly establishment that meets customer expectations while still staying profitable. Every small change makes a difference, so start implementing these tips today.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.