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Four Ways to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Running a small business is a highly rewarding task. However, it’s also very stressful. No matter what product you’re selling, you’re likely to have a lot of competition. It can seem impossible to make your brand stand out when there are so many competitors.

Four Ways to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

We’ve created this easy guide to making your small business stand out. These four activities will help you get more customers and build a good reputation for your company. Read on to find out more.

Use Freebies

Who doesn’t love a free gift? It’s easy to personalize pens, notebooks, and clothing with your company’s logo and hand these items out as giveaways.

As a result, more people will know about your brand and associate it with good things, like presents and shopping deals.

However, these items are pretty common at fairs and tradeshows, and you may want to gift potential customers with something unique.

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For example, we recommend personalizing your own water bottles with the help of This gives people something they can use anywhere they go and be reminded of your brand.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

It’s a well-known fact that your business is unlikely to go far if you don’t meet the needs of customers. However, if you want to really succeed you need, to go above and beyond.

A staggering 84% of companies that have put work into improving their customer service have seen a revenue increase.

The best way to provide good customer service depends on your business. However, being polite, respectful, and friendly will go a long way.

The best businesses anticipate problems before they occur and are always prepared to offer several solutions rather than say, “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.”

Host a Fun Event

Companies that stand out think outside the box. Hosting or participating in fun, creative, inclusive events is the best way to let your potential customers know that your business isn’t just about making money; you love being part of your local community.

The event you host depends on your business. For example, if you run a coffee shop, it’s easy to have a charity coffee and cake morning or host a fun board games night. However, you may have to be more innovative if you own a roofing company.

Even big businesses use this strategy. Take Dunkin’ Donut’s vaccination event, where people could bring a vaccine card and get a free treat. Take a note from Dunkin’: events like this will attract people to your business.

Analyze Your Competition

The biggest threat to your small business will always be your competitors. There are currently 31.7 million small businesses in the USA alone. Unless you’re selling a very niche product, many other companies are likely looking to attract the same audience as you.

Every decision you make should be based on the actions of your competition. When consumers are looking for a specific product, you must make sure that your company is what they think of — not a competitor.

You should use a mixture of social media, traditional marketing, and good customer service to do this. If you see that a certain strategy is helping a competitor to improve customer retention and profits, it’s a good idea to try it.

See Your Small Business Flourish

Small businesses often struggle with brand awareness, particularly if they’re trying to branch out to a new demographic.

Although it can be difficult trying to get your company noticed with so much competition, it’s possible to capture people’s attention quickly.


Remember that small kind gestures stand out in people’s minds. You just need to think outside the box and make sure that you’re improving the lives of current and potential customers.


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