Make Your Fashion Wish List Come True with Reeelit

Rewarding yourself with the fashion and style that you love, is the best treat for yourself, but many times, you miss some awesome items just because you couldn’t afford the expense!

Alternatively, you may start saving and keep an eye on various outlets for the best price and buy it when ready! Well, this is the only solution, but I am not sure, anyone of us can keep this in mind for longer than a week, and ultimately you will give up because it’s difficult to track prices.

Reeelit is a smart shopping platform for all those fashion lovers who want to buy the most loved goodies on best price.

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Don’t worry if that cool handbag, sunglasses, watch or pair of shoes are not affordable at this moment! Signup with Reeelit and it will automate your savings, while looking for the best deal.

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All you need to do is to choose the fashion piece you want, and how much you’re comfortable contributing towards it each day. Reeelit will generate a savings strategy and automatically move a set daily amount from the bank account to your Reeelit fund. On the other hand it will keep a watch on the best deal too, so you can buy it on less price sooner!

That’s not all about Reeelit; while you are on saving mode, you can invite your friends to chip in towards your desired items too.

Treat yourself to the fashion you love, without breaking a sweat!

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Reeelit in their Own Words:

Out of budget purchases are being delayed for monetary reasons. Online shopper drop off at point of purchase or add items to a wish list they eventually forget about.

By combining easy savings and price alerts under one experience, shoppers have a convenient and smart way to use their own cash flow to treat themselves to what they want, without breaking a sweat and the bank.


What Brings Reeelit to the Spotlight:

Unlike other savings platforms, it’s not just the money talk. It’s more about getting you to your end goal with ease.


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