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Excess of information makes it hard to access the right information at right time. Today, where the World Wide Web is flooded with tons of information, you cannot simply find right information instantly. To have instant access you need everything to be arranged in proper channels.

Constant learning is a must for just any professional, and a platform that provides content of high quality in well-organized channels can prove to be highly effective in learning and will definitely go a long way in enhancing skills. is one such platform. It covers various topics through its Slack Channels. You will find a wide range of topics of individual interest as well as for improving the productivity of teams.

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From front end technologies to startup news, growthhacking to programming languages, you will find all the information that design & development or marketing team needs. offers more than 50k items daily whereby they try to provide the best content only. The scoring algorithm used by Newspaper assesses the contextual relevance of an article and places it according to the popularity. It’s also very effective for team learning as it pools common ideas and mindset together.

This simple add on to your Slack team will not just keep your team on an effective learning mode but will also make it more productive.

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Newspaper is the Tech & Startup News app for Slack teams. Add the Add-on to your Slack team and choose from an ever expanding range of topics that are relevant to you and your team. Our topics cover everything that a team using Slack may need, from startup news, though to growth hacking, front-end technologies, programming languages and more. When you have subscribed a channel to a topic, Newspaper periodically sends the most relevant content straight to the channel. As Slack is replacing email, Newspaper is replacing traditional newsletters and feed readers with a system personalized to yourself and your team, from within Slack.

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It brings the right content for teams at right team making sure that their learning is more effective! Website: