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Making Construction More Eco-Friendly

It must come an as little surprise that one of the largest contributors to climate change and air pollution is the construction sector. In the UK back in 2017, the UK had broken its annual air pollution limits for the year.

This was mostly through the construction industry. It contributed to 10% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Thus, it has become under more scrutiny in recent years.

From looking at micro-tunneling services to creating low-emission zones, it can be tricky to hit the right balance on how to make construction more eco-friendly. Here is a little bit of advice on where you can begin.

Energy efficient premises

Much of the construction pollution comes from the buildings and transportation services on sites. Thus, managing your energy efficiency in your on-site offices is really essential if you want to be more eco-friendly in this sector.

You should look at investing in site accommodation with strong energy efficiency which can reduce your usage. One piece of advice that has been given by experts is to use a combined heat and power system.

It can be one of the first steps to take to a more energy-efficient and renewable energy source for site power.

Looking at your waste

One of the biggest contributors to the construction industry’s impact on the environment is how it gets rid of its waste. Construction companies contribute heavily to waste streams in countries all around the world.

It is massively unsustainable for this approach to continue. It is the old way of thinking. Make, use, and dispose of. In order to embed sustainability into your company, you should think about trying to reuse waste products or find somewhere that can make use of them. Only dispose of completely unusable waste material.

 Moving construction off-site

When you are barraged with short-term project delivery times, trying to reduce your on-site waste, and trying to reduce the impact of your day-to-day onsite activities like machine and vehicle use, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

It has been shown that if you can reduce the number of vehicles on site it can significantly reduce emissions. You could try and introduce more pedestrian walkways or be more efficient in your vehicle used to make this better. However, you do need to accept that it will be near impossible to get rid of all emissions.


This is one of the biggest contributors to your carbon dioxide emissions. One of the best things you can do is to economize your transport fleet and make sure that your driving efficiency training is up to date.

Try switching up your vehicles for more efficient ones and try and carpool as many people as you can. The environment and your profits will thank you.

Making construction energy efficient 

This is no easy task. Construction is inherently bad for the environment. Don’t let this defeat you. As a company, even if you can only make small steps, it will help you and the environment. Make sure you can implement changes if and when you can.

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