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All You Need to Know about Making Membership Websites

Wondering how you can create a membership website for your organization? With a membership site, you can charge subscriptions for membership in exchange for access to services, exclusive content, and other benefits to your target audience.

This membership model helps organizations engage and retain all their members which helps their business to grow.

All You Need to Know about Making Membership Websites

To build a membership site, there are different things that you should understand.

Read on to learn all you need to know about making membership websites.

Design a Membership Model

First and foremost, you need to outline your vision to map out a strategy that helps you achieve your goals. This means that you need to design a membership model that outlines how and why you want the people to join your site.

You must outline what the people will get in return for joining. It is essential to create a well-thought membership model that outlines the benefits that your members will get.

For instance, paid members should gain access to information like discounts, conferences, newsletters, online courses, industry reports, and more.

Your model should also clearly state the membership levels so that the prospective members can choose the right packages that suit their needs.

If you have a set of upcoming activities, you should provide a directory to the members. This will help you save time when constantly updating your site. The members can also sign up in advance if they are aware of all activities, and this helps you generate more revenue.

Choose the Right Platform

When you have a clear plan for your membership site, you need to select the right website platform. There are different website builders that you can consider, but WordPress is one of the easiest solutions for small businesses.

You can create many subscription plugins using WordPress, and these are user friendly. You do not necessarily need to hire a professional when you use this option to build your membership site. All you need to do is to find suitable templates and themes.

Use the plugins to add all the features that you may want for your website. These plugins help you with membership management, access to member profiles, and content restricted to registered members only. On top of that, you can also integrate payment options to your site.

Set up Your Membership Site

After selecting the right platform and membership plugins, you need to register your membership site if you have not already registered it. It is vital to get an appropriate domain name and a web hosting account.

You need to register these and get an SSL certificate to facilitate secure transactions. You can choose a plan that suits your needs.

Provide Relevant Information to Attract Members

It is vital to provide relevant information to prospective members reflecting their interests and why they should join your site.

Visitors to your website can get frustrated if it does not provide adequate details about your membership scheme and what you will offer the members.

The visitors to your site may be looking for information like your organization’s mission, vision, and values. They also want to know how these aspects align with their values before they register to become members.

Prospective members may also want to know how you engage the community to help them solve their problems or achieve their dreams.

Additionally, many people are concerned about access to resources and information that can add value to their needs.

Create Links With Reliable Payment Methods

You must choose reliable payment options that can be used by different people when they pay their subscriptions.

There are several payment options like PayPal, Stripe, and others. Depending on your expectations, you may configure one or more payment options to your site.

Other options include recurring payment options, and the registration process is simple. Online registration is convenient, and it can increase your member conversions.

Clean and Upload Your Contact Database

Your membership site automatically connects with your contact database so that it can automate registrations, payments, and process other vital information.

You should clean your contact database in case it contains duplicate entries. You need to standardize the names of members, membership levels, join dates, city, and State.

When you compile your member database, you can upload it to your site. Uploading your contact database makes it easy to automate the payments and online reminders to all the members.

The system can also update member profiles instantly and that saves you time. You can also communicate with the members quickly through automated newsletters and emails to help them stay up to date with all the changes that may take place in your operations.


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