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8 Tips To Manage Your Time Effectively As An Affiliate Marketer

Ah, time. One of the most enigmatic concepts since ‘times’ immemorial, marching relentlessly since forever. While it might seem slow on your drowsy Tuesday mornings, all it takes is a deadline at noon for it to start ticking double-quick.

8 Tips To Manage Your Time Effectively As An Affiliate Marketer

Which is exactly what an affiliate marketer lacks. Since there is no ‘race against time’ situation that kicks one into action, you’re left lounging on the couch thinking that your website is making your money for you.

Yes, but What’s My Point?

 Your website only gives back as much as you put in. It takes hours and hours of hard work and determination to make a successful affiliate marketer.

This is where time management comes in. Managing one’s time well becomes more and more crucial as responsibilities continue to pile up.

One idea that could help you would be creati- tell you what, I’ll give you more than just one. Here are eight tips on managing your time better.

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1. Distractions, a Big No-No.

One big problem that most people face, students and professionals alike, is that of a wandering mind. Sitting down to study after three days of postponing it, all it takes is one Instagram notification to keep the delay streak up.

Since affiliate marketers’ work is primarily done online, you stand a high risk of what I call the Involuntary Postponement Syndrome. One of the easiest cures to this disorder is logging out of all social media accounts when you work.

Many studies suggest classical music and white noise help improve concentration, so try blotting out disturbances with that.

2. Be Goal-Oriented

A journey without a definite destination is only fun in holiday movies. Working one step at a time towards a goal produces more than running fast in a circle.

Hence, set targets. Set realistic, simple, and easy targets when you begin. Achieving goals ignites a sense of motivation and pride, and you feel the urge to reach more and more targets once you start. Get addicted to success, it drives you that extra mile forward.

Easy as it may sound, goal-setting is not as simple as just deciding to do something. There is an entire psychological thought-process behind this; it is not without reason that so many people follow goal-oriented behavior.

3. Prioritize

While setting yourself goals, one main thing to remember is that tasks differ in urgency. Time-bound jobs deserve more of your immediate attention and doing them before other tasks make sense.

One thing to note is that priority does not equal importance. For example, if I had to choose between a weekend deadline or an annual target, I would go for the former. With that out of the way, I’d be free to focus completely on the latter.

A smart schedule goes a long way in helping you in the long run.

4. Schedule Time in Blocks.

We all love making schedules, don’t we? It provides us with that sense of organization, a sense of security. It is one of the best methods for increasing productivity when utilized optimally.

Make easy-to-follow, untaxing schedules when you start. Try to set apart blocks of time for activities instead of a start time with no specified end. Lunch? 12:30 to 1, half an hour. Work? A whole lot more.

Try to get yourself into a daily rhythm, it’s hard to break the momentum. Once you feel comfortable, start scheduling smaller tasks too. Plan and prepare for a whole week. Most importantly, follow it to a T, which brings me to my next point.

5. To Your Plan

All this planning and deciding usually turns out to be hogwash (unfortunately). When we inevitably fail to adhere to it, we schedule a new schedule-making hour. Info flash: failing to be consistent with their work is one of the top five reasons why affiliate marketers fail.


Today’s the day to start following what you plan now onwards. No amount of elaborate planning equals the slightest bit of effort of work. Go easy on yourself till you find your groove, but once you’ve chalked out a plan do your best to follow it.

6. Reward Yourself, Go On

The quickest possible way is not necessarily the best route, said some wise man. While all this working and grinding towards your target goes on, do not forget to take some time off for yourself now and then; you wouldn’t want to burn yourself out.

The self-reward scheme can vary depending on your own evaluation of your work. The importance of taking breaks is highly understated, it’s a well-known fact that hitting refresh has a big impact on your work.

You could have a reward structure ranging from a half-hour Instagram break to takeout dinner, depending on the goals you end up completing. It also helps you focus better on your work once you resume.

7. Flexibility Is Key

I know, I know. I just asked you to be steadfast with your schedule and here I am, asking you to be flexible too; just hear me out.

While I stand by my earlier statement of following a predetermined plan, it also helps if you are prepared for any unexpected incidents. You never know what’s going to happen over the course of a day, so always be ready to shift around your activities to accommodate surprises.

This also ensures that your schedule does not become too rigid and bland. The element of every day being a new one helps sustain your interest.

8. Talk to Your Family

And finally, something more personal that affects performance differently. Family and friends tend to be distracting sometimes, especially when they aren’t informed about your work life. Talk to them and discuss your ideas and plans with them.

I’ve got some of the best ideas while talking over my work-related stuff with my friends. Showing them how serious you are about affiliate marketing works as a double bonus: it lessens the disturbance they would have otherwise caused, albeit unknowingly, while also opening up another possible source of ideas.

Author Bio

Res Marty is the founder of Affiliate Academy, a blog that helps guide newcomers into the affiliate marketing world. Since 2018, Res has been a successful affiliate marketer himself and is committed to the vision of working from home and making money online. He also spends time escorting novices through the initial confusing phase of affiliate marketing.


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