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Managed Security Services vs. In-House Security: How Do They Compare?

The constant threat from cybercriminals is very real. Your business has to remain vigilant at all times and stay aware of the latest trends and types of attacks that are being attempted on a daily basis.

The need to keep your data and systems safe should be high on your list of priorities. The question is whether you attempt to handle this task using an in-house team or rely on managed IT security services to keep you safe.

Considering that the nature of cyberattacks and methods deployed to compromise your security is continuously evolving it is evident that whichever option you choose it has to be effective enough to repel persistent cybercriminals.

Here is a look at key considerations when deciding whether to use managed security or maintain an in-house solution.

The cost of keeping safe

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a managed IT security option over in-house is cost.

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The cost of employing staff and keeping them fully trained and tooled up to keep your data and systems safe can soon become prohibitive. Especially when compared to what you are likely to pay for a managed service.

When it comes to managed IT security, you are sharing the cost of expertise and security technology along with other subscribers. That means you can embrace a subscription-style model that includes all the latest software and industry upgrades as part of the package.

Paying a fixed monthly fee for that level of protection and backup often compares very favorably to how much you would pay for hiring an in-house team.

Stay ahead of the curve

As already outlined, global cybersecurity issues and threats are changing all the time.

When you have access to the sort of expertise and knowledge that comes with professional support you have a good chance of anticipating and nullifying threats before they get a chance to create a problem for your business.

A defense and recovery program that you can rely on

There are hundreds of potential attack threats happening every day. Your IT infrastructure and software systems are being targeted 24 hours a day.

An in-house team has to be constantly monitoring these threats and performing daily support tasks. You can get excellent proactive security coverage for your business for a monthly cost that is unlikely to be anywhere close to how much you would pay for the same level of in-house services.

You also get to call on professional help when you need it if your business needs to recover after a breach. Even with the most robust cybersecurity protocols and procedures in place, there is always the chance that you may need to recover data.

You can get proactive coverage and data recovery services all for a fixed monthly cost.

All things considered, the cost of managed services tends to offer much better value for money. It is easier to budget for this level of protection when you know you have everything covered for a fixed fee. Your training expenses will also be minimal when you are using a reliable external solution.

You simply can’t enjoy access to the best IT security practices and protection for the same money it will cost for managed services compared to an in-house option.

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