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Maple, Oak, and Pine: Which is the Best Slatwall Panel Color for Your Retail Space?

Choosing what color you would like for your slatwall panels can be a daunting task. How do you make the choice? What is best for your business? There is a lot of research out there that can help you to choose your color, but it depends what kind of reaction you would like to evoke from your customers.

The natural color of your slatwall panels can help to put customers in different moods and you can also declutter your space by using slatwall panels for storage. So which type of panel is best for you?


 If you want to draw your customer’s vision directly to some then pine could well be the slatwall panel for you. You see, yellow is the first color that the retina detects. If there is yellow on something it instantly draws your eye to it. Lighter colored pine is light yellow in color so will help to draw your customers gaze toward whatever you have in that area. The darker colored pine also goes all the way to a reddish brown. Reds are known to persuade customers to buy more and browns calm customers down, so pine covers all three bases depending on how dark you want it to be.


 If you choose to have maple slatwall panels in your retail space then you will be getting much more of a range of colors than if you choose to have pine. With the lightest maple coming in at almost white and the darkest offering being a reddish brown it means that maple gives you the opportunity to create almost any mood you like within your retail space. So if you want to encourage customers to buy then you can get the reddest maple possible and if you want to calm customers down then a browner maple will be on the menu. Maple offers a level of versatility that means you can do almost anything you like when it comes to attempting to influence your customers.


 Oak is a much darker wood than the previous two options. Even white oak is more of a light brown color than a white. This means that oak offers much less variety than pine or maple do. Still, if you want to calm your customers then a brown colored oak will certainly help you towards achieving that aim, and if you want to influence customers into buying your products then a more red oak will help you to achieve that. Oak offers much warmer colors than the other two options on this list and so is more at home in stores that want to be seen as welcoming.

Concluding all….

Overall, it all depends on what kind of mood you want to elicit from you retail space as to which wood you will choose. These three different choices all offer enough for you to be able to make any kind of atmosphere in your retail space and they all range from more affordable options to a higher range and therefore higher cost. Which one is best for you all depends on your budget and what kind of mood you want in your retail space.

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