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5 Ways to Market Your Company You Haven’t Thought of

How far have you gone with marketing your company? Well, with the rising competitors in both markets, online and offline, you need to exhaust all the marketing ways and see what works best for your business.

With technology and other inventions, there are many ways you can use to push your business in the market. Also, you need to create a step ahead of your competitors.

5 Ways to Market Your Company You Haven’t Thought of

While there are many ways, we could discuss this article, we’ll only look at some of the unique ones. Probably you haven’t tried them, but they are essential.

Here are 6 of the most creative marketing campaigns to push your business.

1.  Offer giveaway opportunities that align with your brand

Do you want to create an amazing experience for your existing clients and earn more?

You can offer giveaway opportunities both offline and online. You can create coupons, discounts, and price offs to purchase clients or those who do an extraordinary thing for the online opportunities.

What about offline? You can create customized gifts and freeways for your clients with your brand name or logo. For instance, you can create customized water bottles with your logo and offer to your clients as giveaways or use them in seminars and events to promote your brand.

All these giveaway activities will attract people into your business.

2.  Have creative marketing with graphic design

Most businesses now have websites to tap the online traffic. However, not all websites attract and convert traffic.

Your website has to be appealing and easy to use when someone logs into it. It should be easy to click and must have the right content, supported by good graphics. This situation means you have to prioritize graphic design.

It is important to source an expert who will strike a balance on the visuals to attract as much traffic as possible. Your ads and content should be easy to interpret and must show your products clearly.

Allow the graphics to tell the story concerning your company. What happens to the attracted traffic? It is important to have a seamless website that can easily convert online traffic.

Your website should be captivating and converting to realize its objective.

3. Do not overlook social media

Before then, most companies neglected social media sites. Those companies which took social media seriously are now a step ahead of others.

Social media marketing is the largest platform you can market your business and remain relevant. It has made small businesses fight with corporates on clients, with everyone getting their rightful share. It removes the middleman in marketing, which enables you to deal with clients directly.

How do you engage with clients on social media? You can do so by having engaging posts, sharing stories, and let clients know what’s behind the scene.

Through social media, you can answer clients’ queries in real-time, solve their complaints, market your products and create a relationship with your clients.

4. Create an informative content

It is okay when you want to promote your product on websites and social media sites. But it gets boring when you make every post as an advert.

Clients always want to get something more from your website and social media accounts other than your products. This situation means you have to come up with unique, informative content related to your products.

For example, suppose you are selling skin products. In that case, you can teach your clients how to maintain their skin, groom themselves, etc. clients will then share the posts, making your marketing campaign reach a wider audience.

You should at all times create engaging, valuable posts that will add immense value to your clients. This leads to clients knowing that you value them more other than just selling to them.

5. Create a personalized customer experience

The rate at which a client will ignore you when you don’t focus on their needs is higher than it took converting them. Why is it so?

The client doesn’t need you, but you need them. They care less about what you offered yesterday or what you did to another client today. They need to have a personalized experience anytime they interact with your business.

Ensure their orders get fulfilled and problems solved promptly. You don’t have to go deeper into personalization but treat every client as unique to your business.

How does this relate to marketing? A satisfied client will refer and recommend your services to others, attracting more clients to your business. A dissatisfied client will also shout both offline and online. This situation will scare away potential and existing clients.


Depending on the sort of business you are running, there are many actions you can adopt that will push your company to greater heights. The ones highlighted are highly effective.

You have to consider the business, the nature of its clients, products, and the environment to come up with an effective marketing campaign. Always remember the client needs to come first in every situation.


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