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5 Influencer Marketing Tools That Any Business Should Know

Getting your brand to stand out takes some marketing magic.

5 Influencer Marketing Tools That Any Business Should Know

There are lots of tricks that any marketing wizard should have up their sleeves, one of these is influencer marketing.

Ask any young millennial of gen Z where they take their advice from when it comes to choosing brands to trust and to buy from, and they’ll tell you that they get it from an influencer promo.

So, what social media marketing tips should you be following to take advantage of the benefits of influencer promos?

Here are five influencer marketing tools that any business should know.

1. SocialBook

SocialBook’s an AI-powered platform for influencer marketing. It’s designed to be used by professionals on both sides of the influencer marketing strategy: both influencers and marketers.

One of the most exciting things about this tool is that it acts as a go-between in brand/influencer relationships. Whether you’re looking to find the right Instagram influencer or the brightest TikTok star, you can do this through this tool.

Not only this, but you can also run competitive analysis through the tool to explore your niche, investigate your audience, and set up partnerships that will be very lucrative.

2. Heepsy

If you’re looking for a user-friendly function-heavy influencer tool, then Heepsy is for you.

The tool allows you to automate most of the processes in your influencer marketing campaign. Within just a few seconds, you’ll be met with a huge library of influencers on all the major platforms sorted by category or location.

The benefit of Heepsy is that you can check out audience demographics and carry out authenticity analysis. This lets you estimate the impact your influencer will have while checking the audience is relevant. It also helps you worm out any fake influencers.

3. Fourstarzz Media

This is the perfect tool for startups, small businesses, and medium-sized companies that have limited budgets that want to get a slice of the influencer action. It’s a great compromise between price and quality.

In much the same way as SocialBook, this offers support to both influencers and marketers. It features email outreach, analytics, and a structured setup for campaigns. However, this software is slightly more limited in comparison to its competitors.

4. Tribe Dynamics

This lets you find social media influencers fast while setting and monitoring big influencer marketing campaigns. The software lets you run a competitive benchmarking analysis. It also provides you with valuable insights that will help you fine-tune your campaign.

5. Traackr

This is a handy tool that is designed for discovering influencers, managing your campaigns, and carrying out analysis. It includes market benchmarking, allows for advanced searches for influencers, and lets you monitor content consistently.

These tools help you to invest in the right influencers for your campaign and set up marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing Tools That Any Business Should Know

Finding the right influencer marketing tools is important for your campaign. SocialBook, Heepsy, Fourstarzz, Tribe Dynamics, and Traackr are all great examples of tools that will make a huge impact on your influencer strategy.

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