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4 Benefits of Marketing Translation Services

You spend time, effort, and money crafting your corporate image and perfecting your brand.

Appealing to Your International Audience: 4 Benefits of Marketing Translation Services

Each choice is a conscious, strategic decision. And then you ruin it all by getting a poor-quality translation from the cheapest agency you can find. That makes no sense, whatever language you speak.

What you need are professional marketing translation services. The language you use in all your corporate communication matters in your mother tongue. And it matters in translation too.

Poor translations can carry enormous financial risk. Well-crafted translations for your specific market, though, bring all the benefits you would expect from any good marketing text. Read on about the other benefits of localizing your marketing material.

1. Localization Improves SEO

Localization means communicating in the language spoken by the locals. For example, if you’re expanding your business to France, you need an online and social media presence in French. The French spoken in France, that is, and not Canada.

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It is well known that people search the internet in their native language first before attempting to search in English. It follows that your organic search results will improve if your content marketing is in the native language of your target market.

2. Specialists In Marketing Translation Services

When you engage a French translation service provider who specializes in marketing, you are getting a French translator who has

  • In-depth knowledge of marketing
  • Superior writing skills in French.

With such an expert translating your material you’re getting cultural and linguistic competence combined with PR savvy and local market smarts.

In such a scenario, you can hire professionals in the exclusive domain of French translation services French Canadian translations, if your business, store or brand is located in Quebec, and caters to the needs of a sizable French population.

The translation is much more than exchanging one set of words for another. It’s about conveying meaning to a different target group in the most appropriate way. The sooner you can involve a translator in your marketing projects and product launches, the better.

3. Collaboration and Consistency

Developing a relationship with your translator or translator team, and collaborate with them on what you want as the client. That way, the translator will have the ability to see the world through your eyes.

The upshot will be that your corporate communications achieve consistency of style, tone, and terminology.

The more familiar a translator becomes with your business, the better the results you can expect from translated marketing material.

4. The Human Touch — More Than Translation

Many translators, especially those who have chosen to specialize in marketing in a particular field (such as viticulture, or medical instruments, or tractor spare parts) also have experience in

  • Copywriting and advertising
  • Content writing
  • Press releases

As sentient, knowledgeable human beings, they can offer transcreation services for your most public-facing documents of a quality that no machine translation system will ever master.

Transcreation is writing your advertising or marketing material for a specific market. Like copywriters and other marketing professionals, transcreation charge by the hour.

It is the only way to encompass the four skills involved in transcreation. These are:

  • Language competence
  • Copywriting skills
  • Cultural knowledge and sensitivity
  • An understanding of the local market and market forces.

The Digital World Is Everywhere

Most translators worth their salt providing marketing translation services is quite tech-savvy. Some freelance translators will even integrate with your portal or network for the duration of your project.

All the good ones keep confidentiality as a matter of course. Mum’s the word, especially at crucial times right before major press releases, a new product launch, or publication of your financial statements.

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