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Why Marketing Videos Should Be Apart of Your Marketing Strategy

Video content makes up over 80% of all online traffic, and it’s only growing year over year. In today’s day and age, you can’t afford to skip this marketing practice.

More companies are switching to video advertisements to reach customers in a C2C business model. B2B video marketing has also become a powerful practice.

If you want to get ahead, you have to invest in marketing videos. Video content is the future.

Videos Help With Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool. You bring a viewer on a journey, however short that journey may be, and lead them through the start, middle, and end. Just like a story.

Large brands market their name with storytelling all the time. You’ll notice it in car commercials all the time. It’s not about the car, but it’s about the type of target market driving the car.

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Ram will show an ad for their new truck, but it’s rarely about the truck. It’s about the driver, where he works, and how he dresses.

You can tell a story with a six-second marketing video and enough creativity.

Marketing Videos Convey Emotions

Regardless of how skilled a writer is, you don’t get emotion or conviction from a digital page (usually). Visual media is a dominant force on the internet.

Marketing videos show how a user feels while interacting with a product or service. It all goes back to storytelling. If your product or service solves a problem for someone, the relief from that solution is a visible emotion.

People don’t purchase a product or use a service unless it solves a problem for them. This is an important leverage tool that any startup owner can use in their own video marketing efforts.

Videos Convert Customers Like Nothing Else

On average, written content will only be finished by about 20% of people who start it. Videos have a finish rating of 80%. That’s a 4x increase.

If you wanted to spend your marketing budget on making customer testimonial videos, you could feasibly see a much higher number of conversions and paying customers.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in—video marketing can accelerate your efforts.

Your Chance to Showcase Your Product

Visual media is the best opportunity to show how your product provides a solution to the target audience. Show them with storytelling.

The rule of storytelling is show, don’t tell. Anyone can make a list of pros and cons regarding their product, but that doesn’t show how it works and how it achieves what it sets out to do.

With video content marketing, you can bring the viewer into your world for a brief amount of time, and get them excited in a way that text-based content simply can’t do.

Video Content Marketing is the Future

Marketing videos are integral to any startup or existing business. They show everyone what you offer without pushing sales, and offer storytelling to trigger an emotional response that you just don’t get from blog posts and articles.

Video marketing isn’t the only way to bring in customers, though it can offer results you don’t get through written content. It’s advised to hire a video marketing agency with the necessary tools and processes to help you create video content from the start.

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