Men’s Style Guide to Look & Feel Good at Workplace

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Whether you are a business owner with a small or big group of employees working for you, or you are an employee, looking good at the workplace is important. Even if the nature of your job doesn’t involve meeting clients or any other type of public appearances, it is very important to stay proper and well decked in the workplace, because you look good to yourself and other co-workers as well, which altogether contributes to a clean, tidy and a professional atmosphere which ultimately gives you a motivation.

Being in the best state will help you create an impression among your colleagues. You will be considered a role model in the work arena. Avoid wearing casual clothes when going to your office. Here’re a few more details and a quick style guide for men at a workplace.

Make your face bright in the workplace

Your face also matters in the workplace. When you enter any office, the first thing people notice is your face. A tired and unclean face will make employers see you as a person who is not in the best of state ton work. Skin care is not something limited to women.

It also is something that men should consider. If you don’t take care of your skin, no one will take notice of you and you would be considered haggard and casual. If you are not well groomed, you will lose your impression and others will not take you seriously. People will not have good things to say about you and some will even start avoiding you.

Taking the right care of yourself

It is important that you know how to take good care of your skin. The first necessity is to shave your face well and apply a good moisturizer. Doing this will tell others that you take care of your face and you are well prepared for the office. Men have problems with the dry and oily skin. Using the right products will make you look neat all day long.

You also have to cut off the hairs found in your nose and eyebrows. This will help you appear neat and decent. Unwanted hair growth will make you look unclean. Brush your eyebrows and trim your nails well before going to the office.

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Doing it right with the hair

You should avoid entering your office with disheveled hair. As we said earlier, the office is not a place for you to be casual. Using conditioners and shampoos will make you look neat as it will make your hair shine. Also, remember to have a decent hair style.

Those who have dry hair should avoid using products with alcohol. You need to trim and maintain your hair to prevent split ends. For that neat and well-groomed look, visit a barber and consult the hair specialist.

You should also shave your beard to ensure that you look sharp and if you don’t have a beard make sure you’re clean shaving. If you need a razor or shaver then you require the best and these best beard trimmer consumer reports can help you make a choice.

It is important that you smell good

Smelling good is definitely a vital part of looking good. In order to smell good, use a deodorant or bath shower before going to the office. Apply deodorant under your armpit and on several parts of the skin. Find the right one on that best suits you as well as your activity level and body’s chemistry. This will help you conceal the bad body odor and you will no longer feel embarrassed within the office.

If your armpits smell too bad, apply soda to cover up the unpleasant smell. Using perfumes is also a good way to smell good inside the office. You can either choose a mild perfume, moderate perfume or strong perfume. This will depend on your taste of choice of smell.

Since some men are allergic to certain smells, it is good that you test with the smell before applying the perfume.  However, if you don’t apply fragrances correctly, it might not work in your favor. It is also a good idea to avoid wearing strong perfumes as some people are usually allergic to strong perfumes.

The perfect office wear

It is important to wear the best clothes when going to work. Clothes regulate the way you behave and react. Wearing the right attire is therefore very important. First of all, it is a good idea to wear clothes that fit you well. Loose clothes will make you look casual.

Moreover, you need to wear clothes based on the weather condition. There is no need of wearing something that is not warm in winter and ends up suffering the whole day. So, ensure that you wear the right clothes to feel best in the workplace.

The Bottom Line:

First impressions can never be overstated. Being well groomed will help you gain the respect and admiration of your clients, colleagues, and boss. Even if you work in the back office and rarely meet any clients, maintaining a professional look is still key to your success.

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