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Top 13 Mental Health Startups Making a Difference in 2022

Technology can go a long way in making general health care. Moreover, it particularly impacts mental health care accessible to the masses. But unfortunately, the growing awareness about mental health care meant that the area was untapped for startups.

Also, the coronavirus pandemic further highlighted the need for more easily accessible mental health care.

Therefore, it is critical to seek aid as soon as possible. Accordingly, members of the Youth National Reference Group have discussed mental health. These include topics such as a healthy attitude, your sense of self, and more in this Youtube video below.

Startups and venture capitalists recognized this opportunity. As a result, in 2021 alone mental health startups secured $5.1 billion. Next, mental healthcare specialists joined hands with information technologists to coin advanced mental health solutions.

They used telemedicine, wearables, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology.

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Top 13 Mental Health Startups Impacting the Industry

We will take a look at some of the impactful mental health startups out there that have great potential and are making a difference. So, let’s start.

  1. Basis Mental Health Startup

    Basis Mental Health Startup

    The basis is an innovative mental health program that has provided a new edge to mental healthcare services. The founder, Andrew Chaplin, attempted to present a convenient and more acceptable alternative to seeing a professional therapist. The startup basically connects users to unlicensed specialists available for talk via phone or video. This offers a good alternative for people facing mental health illnesses, who do not have time to seek a therapist and attend regular appointments. The company also provides an affordable solution for people who can not afford professional help. They charge $ 35 for a 45-minute session, whereas a therapist charges more than $100 per session. Another advantage Basis holds is that generally there is no waiting time. Specialists are often available on stat. So, there is no need to pre-book appointments or wait for their turn, and people have to schedule their day according to appointment time. They can just get on the program and get the help they are looking for. This startup has attracted many venture capitalists and has raised more than $3 million to provide quality mental healthcare. 

  2. Moodpath

    Moodpath phone app
    Moodpath is essentially a mental health app. It has revolutionized how therapists track mood swings by shifting it to an electronic system. They offer electronic mood tracking services through an app. The app frequently asks questions to people with mental health issues and generates an electronic result after monitoring the answers. These answers are valuable in diagnosing the clinical disease and checking its status. The app offers time and costs saving effective solutions for everyone. Moodpath is especially good at serving people with bipolar disorders and depression. It helps therapists by providing them with authentic and real-time data in a documented form. Therapists can use this data to manage conditions and provide treatment. Moreover, the app also provides psychological exercises and encourages people to perform them in order to sustain their mental health. One of the prime features of Moodpath is that it also provides educational videos to create awareness about mental health. These videos are essentially a short form of therapy complemented by digital tools. These videos help people resolve their mental illnesses and manage them effectively.

  3. Sentio Solutions

    Sentio Solutions Augmented Mental Health
    Sentio Solutions is one of the top behavioral health companies introducing technical advancements to digital mental health. This mental health startup uses advanced technology and software and has introduced wearable technology to monitor health conditions continuously. They are offering an emotion-sensing wristband named Feel connected to a mobile app. The band and app work together as continuous monitoring and support tool for bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression. The Sentio’s Solution is an excellent tool for tracking changes in behavioral patterns and emotional habits for evidence-based behavioral techniques (positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness).

  4. 7Cups

    7Cups Mental Health
    7Cups is a digital mental health care service provider that connects people to professional mental health therapists. They have especially designed software that has provided innovative solutions in the mental health industry. The mobile app also extends help to people who need continuous support or monitoring for their mental health conditions. The service is available 24 hours a day, all days of the week. Therefore, the app efficiently meets increased demand from people and connects them with mental health coaches and counselors. The service has made it easier to get professional mental health care from the comfort of their home without waiting for extended appointments. The service is available for everyone, from people feeling sad or lonely to people with mental illnesses, including anxiety or depression. This digital health coach utilizes breathwork techniques and meditation to improve professional and personal development in individuals seeking help. This further helps individuals to cope with their mental illnesses. 

  5. Meditopia

    Meditopia logo

    Among many mental health startups and companies investing in mental health, Meditopia presents different solutions for people struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. The app offers a variety of solutions via bedtime stories, personalized meditation sessions, and music for mind relaxation. So, they don’t rely on traditional therapies and psychological sessions. Meditopia offers solutions at the fingertips. Individuals can connect to mind relaxing activities at any time from anywhere. The app serves different solutions to mental health conditions and presents solutions as per the complexity of the problem. Moreover, it provides a connection to therapists or professional mental health care practitioners. Thus, people using this app may need to connect with real mental health startups for more definitive solutions.

  6. Blackthorn/Neumora Therapeutics

    Neumora Therapeutics Logo

    Neumora is among the mental health companies focused on providing customized therapy. It emerged in response to the high failure rate in neuroscience drug development.

    Moreover, it features redefining drug development with a data-driven precision cerebral platform. This platform allows them to surpass brain disease heterogeneity and apply targeted therapeutics.  

    They believe that a precision strategy for medication development based on data science can boost viable treatments.

    Neumora is dedicated to researching and commercializing tailored medicines for brain illness patients.

    The startup aims to dissolve the one-size-fits-all approach to treating heterogenous denizens. Instead, it thrives on creating patented data biopsies by combining several data types. Thus, it presents a more comprehensive view of the pathways underlying brain disorders in populations.
    They are currently conducting clinical trials for a targeted novel therapy for indications like anxiety and depression.

  7. Lyra Health

    Lyra Health Logo
    Lyra is revolutionizing the mental health industry by removing barriers for members, doctors, and employers. They link businesses and their personnel to effective doctors and therapies. Accordingly, they provide this employer-sponsored health care by leveraging technology and data.

    Their mental health solutions link employees and dependents to individualized mental health treatment. Also, Lyra links you to the proper treatment for your needs. So, you can access any type of care from acute therapy to self-guided online programs. 

    Plus, it utilizes technology-proven therapeutic approaches and a network of top therapists. If you are looking for treatment, you can meet in a provider’s workplace. On the other hand, you can make a video call from any location with an internet connection. 

    If you are looking for coaching programs, you can meet through live video or phone for your sessions. Additionally, self-guided digital apps are also available to you. 

    Furthermore, if you are unsure which approach suits you, they have a support team to guide you. The Lyra support team is available through web chat or phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Even though you access the Lyra system through your employer, they provide complete data protection. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the compromisation of your private information.

  8. Spring Health

    Spring Health Logo

    Spring health is among the mental health companies which blend clinically verified technology with care delivery systems. 

    This aids the startup in providing the appropriate care at the right time. Moreover, they encompass a variety of mental health solutions. These can include anything from meditation programs to counseling.

     CEO April Koh created this startup to diminish the futility of guessing in mental health care. Additionally, she wanted to replace this hopelessness with the optimism of data-driven, correct treatment.

    Spring employs artificial intelligence to assist individuals suffering from mental illnesses to feel better sooner. In addition, the firm serves as a web mental health clinic for employers. 

    It employs proprietary machine-learning technologies to deliver individualized treatment suggestions.

  9. Pear Therapeutics

    Pear Therapeutics Logo
    Pear therapeutics is another of the most promising mental health startup companies on our list.

    Their work bridges biology and software technology. Thus, at PT, academics, and physicians collaborate with software engineers and developers. Consequently, they have built a unique generation of treatments.

    This eHealth startup creates digital therapies for various severe disorders such as psychosis and PTSD. Plus, its eFormulationTM platform unites pharmaceutical preparations with verified and adaptable software applications.

    Accordingly,  Pear’s proprietary strategy improves patient outcomes and gives physicians intelligent tools. Furthermore, it also provides payors with cost-effective solutions.

  10. Ginger

    ginger mental health logo

    Ginger is among the largest behavioral health companies. It began in 2011, and the creators are a group of MIT Media Lab entrepreneurs and data scientists. 

    These inventors wanted to create the world’s premier mental well-being technology platform.  Moreover, they accomplished this using smartphone-based technology. Thus, it helped them recognize patterns of worry and stress. 

    Accordingly, it could also notify patients and their specialists. Furthermore, the healthcare startup currently functions on collaborative care and a virtual support forum. Moreover, you can obtain on-demand, personalized and private care. 

    Thus,  you don’t have to compromise your mental health regardless of the type of day you’re having.
    Furthermore, what started as COO, Karan Singh’s simple promise to himself has now become a central mental health forum. Currently, the startup has obtained $220.7M from various behavioral health investors.

  11. NeuroSigma

    NeuroSigma Logo
    NeuroSigma is a life sciences firm. It originates from California and seeks to enhance bioelectronic technologies. The startup has been built on the belief that technology has the potential to improve medical practice and patients’ lives.

    Moreover,  NeuroSigma focuses on TNS neuromodulation solutions based on intellectual property. This tech is licensed from UCLA on an exclusive basis. Accordingly, it encompasses a wide range of illnesses, including ADHD.

  12. Healios

    Healios Logo
    Healios delivers a fresh interactive experience to treatment. It combines technology with experienced professionals to deliver the best opportunity for a higher quality of life.

    Thus, for the best results, Healios is reinventing how children and adults with mental health difficulties receive therapy. More so, it focuses on evidence-based psychological therapy by including entire families.

    From Panacea to their ThinkNinja software, the startup is thriving to produce novel answers to everyday tribulations.

  13. Kitsungi

    Kitsungi Logo
    Kintsugi is creating a revolutionary audio biomarker infrastructure. This helps them identify psychosis indicators in free-form speech samples. Accordingly, they integrate it with the most cutting-edge enterprise contact centers.

    Additionally, their healthcare systems and remote patient monitoring applications are highly efficient.

    Besides, the Kitsungi app is visible proof of its success. It is a sophisticated journaling and self-care tool driven by your voice. Also, it aids your mental health by supplying.

  • Mental wellness in your conditions
  • Practices in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Emotional development records
  • Help from the community


Technological advancement has dramatically impacted mental healthcare services by providing new and innovative solutions. Also, It has played a significant role in making mental healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone in need.

Mental health startups provide an innovative solution by offering consultations from professional healthcare providers and educational videos. They also integrate meditation sessions, track real-time behavior, and prepare electronic data. 

What is even more impressive about these startups is their integration of technology. Thus, what used to be a hectic session at the clinic can simply be a video call now. Moreover, the consistent assistance some of these innovations allow is also worth mentioning.

Overall, we can say that these companies are pioneers of a new era for mental health treatments. Moreover, they are also beacons of opportunities for healthcare providers. 

These assist therapists in efficiently treating and managing mental health issues/illnesses. So, these mental health startups have great potential. Additionally, they make a significant difference in people’s lives as we conclude this piece. 

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