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How to Merge PDFs Online For Free

Merging or combining several PDF files into one is a key feature of the document format that gives users more control over them.

How to Merge PDFs Online For Free

There are several ways to merge PDF files into one that ranges from using web-based tools to using downloadable software as well as premium programs. Merging and combining PDF files is an advanced feature that many free PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat do not have in their interface.

This means that users have to search for the ideal way to merge PDF files that are both easy-to-use and readily available. There are many of these tools available across the web as well as programs that are available for purchase and download.

Using Web-Based Tools to Combine PDF Files

One way for users to easily merge PDF files online is to use one of the many different online PDF tools that are spread out across the web such as

Users can easily find one of these sites by running a Google search and choosing from the list of options that comes up. This kind of search is necessary as many free PDF viewers like the Adobe Acrobat reader do not allow for such advanced features.

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For people who only need the service once in a while, using free online tools is the best option as they do not require any type of payment.

These free online services, however, only allow for a limited number of page merges or a specific amount of files to be merged at once before requiring users to sign-up and pay a small fee.

Free online merge tools include sites like SmallPDF, PDFelement, and SodaPDF, but there are many others. Another advantage of these free merge PDF sites is that they allow you to download the new file to your hard drive or other cloud-based storage platforms for free.

There is, however, often a limit to the file size that you can merge which ranges from 10MB to 100MB.

Merging PDF Files With Lumin PDF

Another option for users to merge PDF files is using premium software that can also be found online. One such option is Lumin PDF, which is a software program that users can download to perform a range of different applications with PDFs.

These different applications run from editing, annotating, collaborating, and, of course, merging or splitting different PDF files into one.

Lumin PDF was designed to be an easier-to-use tool than other professional or premium PDF editors. A number of the different functions that Lumin offers are as easy to use as simply clicking on the right button to perform a certain function, including merging.

Users who have already installed Lumin on their computer can merge several PDF files into one by using the straightforward and intuitive interface.

Users can choose an unlimited amount of files to merge using Lumin. They must first upload their selected documents to the program and then select which pages they want to keep or remove using the editing tool.

Once users have selected the pages they want to be removed or added to the new file, they have to press the Merge button to create the new file.

Adding Single Pages to A PDF File

Along with the Merge tool, Lumin also lets users split their PDF files into separate pages as well as add single pages to a new or existing PDF file.

But this feature is not exclusive to Lumin. Many other PDF editing and creation tools allow users to add single pages to a new or existing PDF file.

With Lumin users can upload as many different PDF files as they want and then individually open them to delete the pages they do not want to create a brand new file.

But to add specific pages to a PDF file, users need to delete the ones they do not want from a separate PDF file to be able to save the desired pages into a single file.

There are other ways that users can add single pages to the desired PDF file. If users can purchase the Adobe Acrobat Pro version of the software, it allows them to add individual pages through the Insert File functions from the drop-down menu in the editing control panel.

Other online tools may let users simply Drag and Drop their needed PDF pages into the document, but that depends on the tool being used.

Conclusion: Merging PDF Files

Merging PDF files is a necessary feature of the document format, as it gives users the ability to trim large PDF files into more manageable sizes.

There are many ways to achieve this, including using online tools, downloading PDF editors, or purchasing professional PDF editing software. Every tool has its method but they are generally easy to use even for the most novice users.


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