messageLOUD; the Life Saver & the Productivity Booster

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Phone calls, SMS and availability of emails & instant messaging over mobile internet is a great way to stay connected to the world while on the go. But this may not be too good at times, i.e. while you are driving or working on an important task.

According to the stats, use of mobile phone while driving is the most common cause of road accidents, but many times we cannot just avoid it even after knowing the hazard. messageLOUD is going to be the problem solver, as it automatically reads your texts and emails out LOUD, so you don’t need to look at your phone.

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Not only, you can hear the message but can also delete, dismiss or call the sender back without looking at your phone.


The benefits are not just limited to safe driving but it should also be helpful in increasing workplace productivity, as well as enjoying an outdoor activity at optimum.


Yes, it’s a paid app, but in comparison to the benefits, it’s very much affordable. You can also try it out for 30 days for free!

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messageLOUD in Their Own Words:

messageLOUD is a patent pending messaging service that automatically reads your texts, WhatsApp messages and email out loud, allowing you to drive, work and play safely and productively. Our mission is to eliminate distracted driving with an eyes-free experience that enables you to automatically hear your messages out loud, to easily delete or dismiss messages, or call the sender back –– all without having to look at your phone.

What Brings messageLOUD to the Soptlight:

It’s going to be a big step in eliminating distracted driving fatalities and crashes in general and can enhance individual’s productivity in specific.

messageLOUD Website:

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