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MicroHero Surveys; Empower Your Business with Instant Quantitative Feedback

Whether you’re going to launch a million dollar company or you are looking to improve an existing product, you need to be aware of your customer’s needs. You must know their feelings, likes and dislikes. It’s an essential not just for the product launch, but for long term success.

Online surveys are one of the most effective way to engage your customers and prospects in the process of information mining. People love to give their opinion when they know it’s going to be taken seriously and any of their idea could improve their experience.

Well, surveys are very productive, but only when you target them to the right audience on right time. According to recent researches, 50% of survey emails are opened on a mobile device, so what else can be better option than sending the surveys right on the mobile devices from your mobile!

Yes, that’s what you can do with MicroHero Surveys, which allows you to create surveys and send from your iPhone and results will be delivered in your phone. With a simple to use interface and readily available resources, setting up a survey is very easy. On the other hand, the responsive designs serve the mobile devices and browsers with equal effectiveness.

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For conducting smaller surveys, i.e. less than 100 responses the app is free, but if you are looking for unlimited responses, you have to subscribe for six months or one year. You can pay per response as well.

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So, who answers your surveys on MicroHero! Of course consumers who download the free iPhone app and answer survey questions. Each response earns them real dollars which they can donate for one of the non‑profits and companies/researchers that are conducting the survey pay these donations.

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MicroHero Surveys in Their Own Words:

MicroHero Surveys is an innovative mobile survey tool for business. There are two ways to use MicroHero: create and track surveys to send to your own list, or send questions to our consumer audience for instant answers. We’ve made it really easy for you to create surveys from your smartphone. In the board room, or on the go, our interface shows you exactly how your questions will look to your respondents. As responses stream in, watch your data come to life in the palm of your hand, and easily export it to an Excel spreadsheet if you want to dig deeper. It’s time to bring surveys into the mobile future.

What Brings MicroHero to the Spotlight:

An effective tool for companies to better their current and future products by receiving quantitative feedback instantly.

MicroHero Surveys Website: http://microhero.com/surveys

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