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Microsoft Certification Benefits And Advantages

A certification demonstrates one’s knowledge and skills in a specific domain.

However, Microsoft Certification is one of the most prestigious certifications based on industry-defined job roles and the expertise required to execute those roles. This certification demonstrates that individuals possess the skills needed for performing industry-defined roles and are proficient in applying technical knowledge to solve business issues.

Microsoft Certification Benefits And Advantages

Today, businesses and companies use a more modern approach to store business data, i.e., cloud computing services, like cloud storage, cloud hosting, cloud backup, Software as a Service (SaaS).

These services help companies and businesses to save money and time by promoting innovation, boosting productivity, and improving collaboration. Hence, IT professionals with expertise in cloud, networking, and cloud security are highly sought-after by companies and businesses.

IT professionals seek certifications in the topmost fields, like cloud, networking, and security. Moreover, professionals with artificial intelligence expertise are in great demand.

As the world is growing digital, the need for professionals, like sales managers, brand developers, data analysts, app solution developers, and architects, etc., is also growing. There are several Microsoft Certification that enables individuals to learn skills and become proficient in a particular domain.

Microsoft Certificates

Individuals possessing in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies can quickly accelerate IT careers.

To earn Microsoft’s certification, one must appear for the respective examination and acquire the passing marks. Microsoft certifications validate professionals for their knowledge and expertise in using Microsoft technologies to solve business problems and implement business solutions.

There are three different levels of Microsoft certificates – Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MSCA), and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) / Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). A Microsoft Certified Professional has a greater chance of getting hired in the top and renowned companies than others and can become a member of Microsoft’s community.

MTA certifications test applicants’ knowledge and understanding of technical specialties, such as databases, security, software development, and networking.

MCSA certifications validate IT professionals for their expertise in building cloud-based and on-site solutions using Microsoft’s platforms, like Windows Client, Windows Server, Azure, Office, or SQL Server. MCSE/MCSD certifications test professionals’ knowledge of developing cloud-optimized solutions on Microsoft platforms.

6 Benefits Of Microsoft Certificate

Microsoft’s certification program is the most helpful educational tool that helps professionals to acquire a good position and employees to get a better workplace than the current one.

More than 86% of managers prefer applicants that pursue IT certifications. One can pursue Microsoft online courses from Koenig Solutions. Let us see other benefits of possessing a Microsoft certificate.

1. Increased Flexibility

New technologies are developing day by day. Hence, businesses and companies need employees who have the ability to adopt frequent technology changes and possess effective problem-solving strategies. With Microsoft’s Certification program, one can demonstrate expertise in using multiple techniques for solving problems and concerns of business and customers.

2. Microsoft Office Fluency

Completing Microsoft’s certification program helps individuals to gain fluency in using all Microsoft Office’s applications, which, in turn, allows them to gain expertise in using Office suite to solve multiple business problems. Moreover, this certification program enables individuals desiring to work as a business analysts, finance professionals, data analysts, etc., to gain the ability to create effective charts, professional documents, and impressive presentations.

3. Enhanced Visibility

Individuals with extraordinary skills are sought-after by companies. Therefore, standing out of the crowd is a very challenging factor while searching for a new job or getting a promotion in a current job.

Microsoft’s certification program sets individuals apart from others by offering more extraordinary abilities. Individuals can share their Microsoft certificate badge or credentials inline and seek new employment quickly.

4. Higher Growth Potential

One can strengthen the resume by adding Microsoft’s certification credential or badge to it. This will impress the employer and enable an individual to negotiate the salary increase. Moreover, this certification program helps employees get a better position and salaries in the current organization. Employees with Microsoft certificates help organizations to be productive and successful.

5. Worldwide Recognition

Possessing Microsoft certification provides worldwide recognition. With this certification, one can become an indispensable part of any organization.

A study has stated that Microsoft certified professionals are 60% more efficient and 90% more productive than others. Microsoft’s certification program helps IT professionals carry out any complex business operation confidently and positively.

6. Job Satisfaction

Microsoft’s certification program allows individuals to earn confidence and strength to achieve their dreams of getting hired by reputed companies. When individuals’ dreams come true, they get personal satisfaction. Microsoft’s certifications are globally-recognized and are much better than other certification programs provided by unknown training institutes.


Koenig Solutions is the global leader for productive and effective Microsoft certification training. It offers training in three different modes – instructor-led classroom, instructor-led online, and fly-me-a-trainer – onsite.

Moreover, it offers one-to-one training that enables individuals to learn at their own paces. It provides training for several Microsoft courses, including the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Certification.


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