Microsoft vs Google: Which Hardware and Software Should You Use for Business?

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Do you struggle to get your work done? Is your computer running slowly? It might be time to compare Microsoft vs. Google to help you decide on your next laptop.

Microsoft vs Google: Which Hardware and
Software Should You Use for Business?

Not only do you have to decide on the right hardware, but you also want to consider the operating systems and other programs that the companies offer. Then, you can choose the best option for you. Keep reading to learn more.


When comparing Microsoft vs. Google, you should look at the hardware. Both companies have created laptops, but you can also buy Windows computers and Chromebooks from other companies.

Microsoft created the Surface, while Google created the Pixelbook, and they both run their respective operating systems.

In general, computers running Windows are more powerful, and you can buy desktops from other companies.

However, Chromebooks tend to be more portable and have long battery life. That can be useful when you need to work while traveling.

Operating System

Along with the hardware, you should consider the software, including the operating systems. Windows is the most popular operating system out there, making it easy to use and to find compatible programs.

The operating system has been around for decades, and there have been many versions of it. If you have clients that use Windows, you may want to use the same system to make collaborating much easier.

While Chrome OS has improved over the years, it’s only been around for about a decade. Not many people use it, so you may find it hard to rely on for collaborations or even solo projects.

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When comparing Microsoft vs. Google operating systems, you should look at the functionality of each. Windows offers more functions and features, so you can do more with it.

You can use Windows for everything from creating documents to streaming media to editing photos or videos. On the other hand, Chrome OS is better for casual use, such as checking email and browsing the web.

A Chromebook might be suitable for a writer or assistant because they don’t need many advanced programs. However, an engineer or developer should use a Windows computer because of the extra functions.


Another important part of choosing Microsoft or Google is accessing documents and other files on your computer. A good Windows laptop can store tons of files for access wherever.

While Chromebooks do have some onboard storage, it’s not much. Some tablets have more storage than Chromebooks, so you’ll have to rely on Google Drive and the overall Google cloud.

Now, using the cloud may be fine if you always work from somewhere with the internet. However, if you need to travel, or you have an inconsistent connection, Windows is the better option.


If you need to buy computers for a large team, you want to make sure you get a good deal.
Luckily, you have access to a variety of options for both Windows and Chrome OS computers.

But Chromebooks tend to be cheaper than Windows computers with similar speeds and features. If you’re on a budget and don’t need the capabilities of Windows, you may want to buy a Chromebook for each employee.

However, the value you get from a Windows computer may be worth the extra cost. If you’re willing to buy from a company other than Microsoft, you can get a good deal on Windows laptops.


You should also compare available programs when comparing Microsoft vs. Google. Both Microsoft 365 and Google Drive offer a variety of office suite programs that you can use to do your work. Programs include:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Email
  • Video chat


Whether you need to send emails back and forth or work with spreadsheets, you can do so with both platforms. You can also use Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store files in the cloud for easy access.

While the two companies offer similar programs, there are some differences. Consider how those differences can affect your work and if one system is better than the other.


Google Drive is excellent for basic tasks, such as creating documents or sending emails. While you can format documents and spreadsheets, you can’t do as much as you can with Microsoft 365.

For example, Excel lets you create more complex spreadsheets than Google Sheets. If you know you need to do complex tasks, you may want to look into Office 365 migration tools so that you can take advantage of the extra features.

You can still use Google Drive with more basic projects. However, having the option to use Microsoft is excellent for a growing business.


Both Microsoft 365 and Google Drive have online, web-based versions that you can access from anywhere. As long as you store your files in the cloud, you can log into the proper website and view or edit your files.

However, Microsoft 365 also has desktop apps for various programs. Then, you can create and edit documents and store them right on your computer. If you don’t always use the internet, that can be useful.

While you can download Google Drive apps to a tablet or smartphone, you typically will use the web version. But you can download individual files to edit without being online.


Microsoft and Google both offer free versions of their office software. You can use Microsoft 365 in a web browser for free and on any computer, including a Chromebook.

Google also lets you use Google Drive for free in the browser and with mobile apps. But you can also pay for premium features, which can help you do more for your business.

If you want to connect your business email, you will need to pay to use either Google or Microsoft. Fortunately, the cost isn’t too high per user, but it can add up.

Reviewing Microsoft vs. Google

Whether you need a new computer or want to switch up the software you use, consider Microsoft vs. Google. Both offer unique benefits for your business, and you may find one that meets your needs better.

For example, a writer may love the flexibility of a Chromebook with Google Drive. However, a graphic designer may need to use a Windows laptop with access to more programs. Did you enjoy this article? Check out our blog for more content.


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