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Milapy; Geo-Specific Guide to Optimize Your Lifestyle

We all travel to unfamiliar places often; let it be somewhere in the foreign country or just within your own city, there are places which require you to have enough information in order to navigate there. You will certainly need to know the traffic scene, events, news, restaurant deals, where to buy this and that and lot of other stuff!

The app economy has really helped common man in this context, and you have specialized apps to find latest deals, traffic updates, discounts, news, events information etc. But all these apps have one problem in common, i.e. they are very much specific and you cannot overload your smartphone with hundreds of apps! You need something all in one like Milapy.


The web app provides you with geo-specific information any given place, the latest weather reports, entertainment opportunities and a lot more in real-time!

Whether, you’re looking to explore the latest deals or events near you or want to stay updated with what’s happening around, just allow Milapy to know your location or type in the place you want to learn more about, and you’re in.


Find latest deals, explore specialty cuisines, optimize your traveling time and have more fun in your day to day life, simply by having Milapy as your travel search companion!


Milapy in Their Own Words:

Milapy is a site designed to present information as it relates geospatially to our users. We present news, deals, events, and a host of useful information for travelers in a way that has never been done before – we literally put these items on a map. We also works with data to understand it for Public Good. It is important for citizens to access information about their communities easily.


What Brings Milapy to the Spotlight:

It’s a new way of browsing news, deals, events, and a host of other useful information that is happening in your neighborhood, city, etc.


Milapy Website:

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