; Reducing the Relocation Stress for Military Families

According to experts, relocation is rated the third highest cause of stress after divorce and death of a relative. The more frequent relocation is observed in Military, whereby families move on an average of once every three years.

The mobile lifestyle sounds very attractive to couples when they don’t have kids and even relocating and living in a new place with kids can be interesting and fun, but more often it’s challenging and stressful.

Well, frequent relocations are part of military lifestyle and you cannot just avoid moving from one place to another. What you can do is to make the transitions of moving smooth and hassle free. This can only be done with careful planning and thinking ahead. helps military families and others who are planning to move there by assisting them with abundant information about any US military base. It’s very useful to know the cost of living, child development centers, medical services and other basics so when you move there you know what’s where and how to do things!

militarybases main image doesn’t just provide information about military bases but the lists also include naval bases, coast guard stations, marina bases and Navy bases along with all the information needed for servicemen in the military and family to be able to do their planning for housing, schools and other planning issues.

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Militarybases aggregates data for all military bases across the USA for ease of access. It combines data in an easy to read platform complete with directions, information on housing, where to go and what to do, weather conditions, base history and any information relevant to military men and women and their families as well as anyone interested in the subject all in one place.

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It’s a smart way for military families to ensure a smooth move by knowing and planning early. Website: