how to write a great sales copy
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Million Dollar Sales Copywriting; Copy that Urges People to Buy Your Product

Regardless of what you’re selling, you really cannot sell anything without “talking” to your perspective buyer. While selling online, it’s your sales copy that talks to your potential customers.

Let it be your sales letter to be sent via post or sales page on your website; the content matters most and that’s what we call Sales Copy.

In this article I’ll discuss the elements of a good sales copy, and how to work on each of these elements for conversion rate optimization.

Elements of a Winning Sales Copy:

What a winning sales copy or sales letter should have is as follows:

  • It must create an image in the mind of the reader.
  • It should create a desire or need.
  • Then it should explain how “wonderful” life will be after the prospect purchased your product.

Overall, a winning sales letter or a sales page follows the best practices like:

  • It grabs the attention of the visitors.
  • Gets them interested in what you can do for them.
  • Highlight the product/service benefits in a manner that they desire the product so badly like one’s mouth begins to water.
  • Insists an urgent action from them.

This is called the “AIDA” formula (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). Let’s discuss how to get the AIDA formula work for you.

how to write a great sales copy

1- Creating Attention:

For a sales copy to create attention, the first and foremost step is to make your headline speak for you. Since, everything cannot be summed up in a single headline, use sub-headlines to highlight the key issues.

At times, headline alone cannot attract most of the attention, and in other times you may want to utilize the area above the fold in much efficient way! So think of some non-text elements, like relevant images, a GIF image of various text banners.

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As I mentioned, “above the fold”, is your first and last chance to attract attention, so for attention purpose work solely on this area.

2- Developing Interest:

One would be interested in your product or service only and only if it benefits him. So the idea is to list the problems first. Something like:

  • Are you tired of XXX?
  • Is your sales page not working?
  • Are your sales declining?
  • And so on….

And immediately offer the solution with quick information on how it helps. Something like:

  • Double your sales in 4 weeks.
  • Find the sources of leads of your competitors.
  • Get the inside data of your target audience.
  • And so on….

Remember that formatting plays vital role in developing interest, so efficiently use the bolds, italics and underlines…. Also test with colours like Red for Warning/Problem, Green for Solution.

3- Making Them Desire Your Product/Service:

  • You desire to have a dress that XYZ celebrity was wearing, because she was looking gorgeous in it.
  • You desire the watch that XYZ sportsman was wearing, because it is very beautiful yet have long life.
  • And you desire the laptop your colleague recently bought, because it uses the latest technology and is a robust machine.

Well, everyone’s desire to buy something increases when they see someone authentic has already bought it and is benefiting him. It’s a human nature to follow the trend and to ensure authenticity before purchasing anything.

So, take care of this human nature;

  • Get some influencers endorse your service or product.
  • Get testimonials from existing customers and display them on your sales page. If that takes more space, better is to show most important testimonial only, and link others from there.

4- The Call to Action:    

Making your visitors take an action is the ultimate goal of your sales page. If they do not take action, the whole effort on the above three sections will go waste. So, what you need to do is to improve the call to action by:

  • Making it prominent: use contrasting colours in buttons/text and background.
  • Making it visible: place it where it can be seen more easily. Yes, once above the fold, once after developing interest and once at the end when they desire to have it!
  • Using multiple call to actions: It’s not necessary to have a single Buy Now/Subscribe Now button and repeat it. Think out of the box. Use buttons, short forms (that require name, email & query only), display your phone number visibly, offer live chat, link social media accounts and what else you can think of.

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So you are almost done with writing a million dollar sales copy, but may have few other queries. So here are the most common concerns and ideas to resolve them:

What should be the ideal length of a sales page?

On your website, your sales page should be the length of what it would be. Focus on the AIDA formula and don’t worry about the length; after all, you don’t have to worry about letterhead stationery or the cost of postage, which is a considerable savings.

What if I am mailing the sales letter?

In that case, ideal option is two pages with 1 1/2 spaces between lines.

Is it necessary to have a letterhead/logo?

It’s a must; people should have a brand image in mind when they are reading!

What to Consider when sending sales letter via email?

Again, focus on AIDA: The email subject for Attention, the first para for Interest, a quick endorsement/news coverage/PR excerpt for Desire and of course a clear call to Action!

Will people really take the time to read a long sales letter? 

YES!!!  Surveys and tests over the years have proven that “longer sales letters” pull even better than the shorter ones!

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