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7 Real Ways to Make Money Online in India

Today, many people are interested in how to make money on the Internet. Some need extra income, while others save money for a valuable thing or a trip.

7 Real Ways to Make Money Online in India

And there are cases when earning money on the Internet is vital and becomes the main source of income. Whatever the reason, it is essential to understand that making money online is real.

And you can do it without any financial investment. The only thing you will need is to devote your time.

The described ways of making money may require some skills, experience, and education. Even if the suggested possibilities are not suitable for you, you will understand how and where to look for online income opportunities.

1. Online Lessons

You can be an online teacher. The main benefit is that you can teach almost everything. Contingent on your skills and experience, you can create your own courses in this category of knowledge.

Then, you will have to work out a course program and teach those who are interested. These can also be private tutoring lessons. Here are the resources that might help.

A. SkillsShare – A service that helps to teach on the Internet. There is a wide list of courses, just sign up on the site, create your own lessons on the topics you are specialized in (design, mathematics, language learning, web design, trading, etc.). In this way, you can earn a decent additional income.

B. Udemy – Create your own course/lesson and post it on the site. When a user chooses and buys your course, you receive the payment. However, make sure that you create a valuable course.

The amount of free information on the Internet is impressive, and not everyone is likely to pay for info that can be obtained for free.

The skills you need are:

  • 100% knowledge of the subject you are going to teach.
  • experience in Photoshop,
  • mastering tools to create and edit videos.

2. Online Translations

It is quite easy for foreign language experts to make money online. In particular, one may find plenty of orders for online translations and even interpretation.

One of the best services for translators is You will need to offer the cost of translation for any order you find there. Clients select the most beneficial option based on the price, as well as the experience of the translator.

Besides, you can sign up for various freelance platforms and look for available job posts. Aside from translations, copywriting, web design, virtual assistance, and other works are required.

3. Forex Trading

It is one of the opportunities that require no education and experience. However, you will need to start with learning a lot of information to understand the way this market works.

Get started with reading the FXTM blog that contains a wealth of educational materials. Then, you will have to select a Forex trading website of a broker, sign up and practice in a demo mode.

In this way, you will be able to apply theoretical knowledge in practical trading. Hone your skills and get the chance to make a decent profit in India, Vietnam, Nigeria, or any other country where Forex trading is not prohibited.

4. Transcription of Texts

planning on paper

This type of activity requires a lot of patience, because you have to listen to audio or watch videos, and type the text you have heard.

Therefore, you need to understand different accents, speak a foreign language at a high level (if you need to decipher the information, not in your native language). Some tasks foresee rewriting of the text written by hand, so, it is essential to understand the handwriting.

5. Voiceover Tasks

Today, you can find many suggestions on the Internet related to recording the voiceover. However, this is not quite an income without investments, because you need to have recording equipment to do a good job.

There are services like VoiceBunny or Voice123. Sign up on these sites to voice texts and make money. This type of regular income on the Internet can turn into a professional career.

6. Sell ​​Your Work

Making unusual handmade products, knitting clothes, painting vases or utensils can now be turned into your own business. The sites like ArtFire or Etsy sell thousands of hand-made products.

Facebook or Instagram are also great platforms where you can sell your work. An additional way to earn money for photography enthusiasts can be to sell their creations online.

7. Other Freelance Options

If you want to provide technical or administrative support, check out one of the freelance resources, i.e., Upwork.

Customers post information about the job, and people who can fulfill the specified task offer their services, then clients choose the best offer for themselves. Most often, these are the following tasks:

  • web development,
  • editorial services,
  • copywriting,
  • virtual assistants,
  • site optimization, etc.

Final Words

These are just a few possibilities if you are interested in making money from home. Even if you lack experience or skills, do not waste your time and devote it to obtaining the required knowledge.


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