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Monitask; Remote Employee Management Simplified

Remote working has been there since long ago; the affordable high speed internet just helped it thrive!

Even before the Corona Virus pandemic, a large number of companies had remote workforce. According to US Bureau of Statistics, between 2017 and 2018, 36 million employees in the US have worked from home. This number excludes the US employers with teams outside the country.

Now, almost every other company is urging their employees to work from home whenever and wherever possible. It’s not just to fight the pandemic, but also to reduce overhead costs, minimize the waste and increase efficiency of the business.

And, it’s not the tech industry alone considering remote workforce for long term, but almost every other industry where remote working is possible, i.e. consulting, finance, education & training, local and state governments, etc.

Monitask; Remote Employee Management Simplified

Remote working has its own great benefits, but it also comes with an array of challenges, and managing remote teams tops the list. Tracking employees’ time, verification of the work done, and measuring productivity, can be difficult when employees are working remotely.

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With hundreds and thousands of employers worldwide going through the difficult transition of redefining the way their organizations work, an efficient remote employee management software can greatly help a business overcome these challenges.

Monitask is one such software that can greatly help you manage remote workforce with peace of mind. It comes with automatic time tracking, proof-of-work screenshots, website logging, and productivity scores which altogether simplify the remote workforce management.

Monitask’s live dashboard allows you to see who is online and doing what in real time. The automatic time tracking removes the need of laborious manual effort. In fact, it comes with smart time tracking features that remove unproductive time automatically.

You may wonder how it finds the unproductive hours…. Let’s look into some more features to connect the dots.

  • The time tracker will even work when there’s no internet connection. All recorded time is securely uploaded as soon as an internet connection is available.
  • Using the efficient software you can monitor that only work-related websites are visited by the employees during work hours. It’s a great way to limit the social media and other unproductive web surfing.
  • That’s not it; you can even review apps used by each team member and find the time spent in each app. This can greatly help in identifying the causes of low productivity of certain team members.
  • The availability of manual time entry allows you to have a better control when you want to add some entries manually.
  • And the bonus; it automatically captures screenshots of employees’ computer at random intervals to record the proof of work.
Monitask is a complete remote workforce management software, because it doesn’t just track productive time but also comes with much needed project management features. You can assign tasks and projects to each remote worker and monitor progress just with few clicks.

The software is compatible with most operating systems and the best part is it is free to try!

The basic account is free which comes with all the essential features for one user. But if you want to try it for your team, it is $4.99/month (per user) available for 10 days trial.

Do try it, and I am sure, you would like to subscribe, because remote workforce is the future and you need a reliable assistant like Monitak to make most out of it!

Monitask in Their Own Words:

Monitask delivers employee monitoring solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, and accountability across your team. Advanced screenshot and activity monitors, as well as time tracking capabilities, keep teams focused on the task at hand. Our software is powerful, yet lightweight, making it simple and easy to use. Managers can also access their dashboard on any of their devices to keep track of their team anytime, anywhere.

What Brings Monitask to the Spotlight?

It’s a complete remote workforce management solution for businesses of every size. With abundant data collection and analysis features, employers can take timely and informed decisions to improve team performance and organizational productivity. It’s also very cost effective and easy to use. The amount that it costs is a smallest fraction of increased profitability that it brings in.

Monitask Website:

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