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Monkop; Android Testing Cloud for Developers & Testers

Testing is as critical as the app development itself is. Testing where it helps the developer to improve the quality of apps, also ensures better user satisfaction. However, testing is a time taking job and needs parallel time to find and fix the defects.

If you are into a mobile app development business, you actually need something to optimize the testing process; more testing in less time. Because this is the only way to launch your apps on time before someone else publishes your idea.

Getting someone do testing for you for free is certainly a great idea and that’s what you can do with Monkop. All you need to do is to upload your .apk and Monkop will test it for you.

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Once it’s tested, you get a detailed report in your inbox within 24 hours.

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monkop image 2 Click the image to see full size.

That is probably, the best way to test performance, security and functionality on real devices as Monkop performs a deep analysis of your app  including response time, CPU, memory, data, database etc usage. It also looks for crashes, compatibility and layout issues within your app.

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monkop image 3 Click the image to see full size.

Since, the basic subscription is free, you must try it at least; if satisfied you can always upgrade the plan.

A must try tool for app developers and testers to troubleshoot real problems and avoid bad ratings in the marketplace.

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Monkop in Their Own Words:

Android testing cloud that helps developers and testers to test their apps very fast and effortless. It installs and deeply scans native apps on each compatible OS version / screen sizes and densities depending on the app configuration and market stats. A smart monkey uses and tries to crash the app for evaluation purposes before sending a high-value report with improvement opportunities related to performance, security, compatibility and more.

What Brings Monkop to the Spotlight:

Monkop helps developers to cross the ‘app poverty line’ avoiding bad marketplace ratings, slow behavior and incompatible devices, improving user ratings.

Monkop Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.