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More Visuals, Less Text & More Conversions

How many times did you buy something online that didn’t have a picture?

I am sure, you’d have never bought something that didn’t have pictures. Visuals do not just help the buyer to have a quick idea of product’s look and feel, but it also gives them an opportunity to analyze the product virtually, compare it with other available options and make a better decision.

More Visuals, Less Text & More Conversions

Well, this is not just the case with conversion optimization for tangible stuff; even if you are selling a B2B product, if you’ve not added the visuals correctly on the page, chances of people taking interest in it are rare.

Moreover, high-quality visuals are crucially important not just for online sales, but also for in store sales. According to stats, 90% of the buyers who have internet access, do an online research before buying in the stores.

Now, coming back to the importance of visuals in marketing materials; let it be your landing page, social media post, blog post, online ad or a product/service description page, let me tell you how it is proven scientifically as well as psychologically. According to the researchers,  it’s proven that, human brain processes visuals faster than text.

Here’s an Example!

brain procesases visuals faster than text


Now let me tell my experience: StartupGuys.netis meant to provide free advice to entrepreneurs and by conversion, I mean to have more subscribers.

Now, on landing pages, I may not be able to add too many interactive images to each piece of content, but when it comes to syndicating the content, it’s the image that sells the content… I did A/B tests for tens of pages, and those which were promoted with right images delivered more subscribers.

B2B content marketing is though different than that of B2C, but when it comes to selling something, the “Sales Principles” remain same. And today’s sale principle is to TELL THEM EVERYTHING BEFORE THEY LEAVE……

A visitor on the website if not finds it interesting will leave it within 3 seconds, so what you need to do is to make sure that you tell them in first 3 seconds to spend 10 more seconds and in those 10 seconds what you are delivering them must urge them to spend more time on the website. This is what your conversion optimization strategy should be based on.

And since you cannot do all this with text only, so take the opportunity to add rich media in whatever the way it fine tunes the theme of your business!

So, whatever you are selling, make sure to have excellent packaging. If you sell goods on your website, the landing pages must be expressive while when you sell virtual goods on third party websites make sure your pitch has the engaging visual appeal!

Hope this tip will work for most of you. For more ideas, do check out these 5 practical & interactive ways to convert website visitors into customers.

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