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We all know the struggle to choose a movie that suits perfectly our tastes. The promising reviews of movies do not always satisfy our personal tastes. It is a general trend among movie lovers, to choose worth watching movies by their reviews, but good reviews can usually be very misleading.

Movie4Mi is a web application which knows your taste for movies, hence it reviews only those movies which you prefer watching. It calculates movie ratings based on the reviews of users who are also diehard fans of those movie genres which you prefer to watch. Hence you get an accurate rating of a movie based on the responses of real movie watchers like you.

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Movie4Mi also helps its users in choosing the best movie from the genre of their choice, hence enabling you to enjoy quality time.

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Movie4Mi in Their Own Words:

Movie4Mi is a website application that calculates movie ratings that are tailored to you based on users who are similar to you. In addition, Movie4Mi also suggests movies that it thinks you will like.

Movie4Mi solves the problem of inaccurate movie ratings based on users who may not be similar to you. In addition, for users who do not know what movies to watch, Movie4Mi’s suggestions are based on your movie preferences.


What Brings Movie4Mi to the Spotlight

A personalized movie rating platform that shows real reviews from real people!


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