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10 Ideas to Create Multiple Streams of Income Will Make You Filthy Rich

It is the year 2022, and if you have not still realized the seriousness of having multiple streams of income in your life, you are probably living in a parallel world.

If you wish to increase your wealth and achieve financial stability, you have to have multiple streams of income or passive income sources.

Ways to Generate Multiple Streams of Income 

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Gone are the days when one job was enough. Now, if you have multiple streams of income, you are not only protecting yourself financially, but you are also securing your future.

For instance, if you lose your full-time job today, your financial state could be upset for a while. Therefore, you must not wait for anything bad to happen and start thinking about creating multiple streams of income today.

So, what is passive income/ residual income? Let us find out the best ideas to generate multiple streams of income or passive income and learn how to make 10K fast.

1. Begin a Full-Time Job

What does a source of income mean? It is the money using which you pay your bills. A steady monthly income or source of income is important, and a full-time job allows you to get that sum dropped into your account.

Having multiple streams of income to become a self-made millionaire is crucial but your full-time is important too.

So, what percentage of millionaires are self-made? According to a study, 88% of all millionaires are self-made.

Building wealth on multiple streams of income is the need of the hour, but they take time to start giving you the desired fruits.

They involve a lot of sweat and blood. However, once you start earning one of the best passive incomes, it gives you the freedom to be more independent and fearless financially. But that happens, keep loving your full-time nine to five job.

Passive income, business income, invested income, owned income are the different types of income people have.

2. Create an Online Course

If the pandemic in 2020 has taught us something, it should be that the future is all about learning online. Forbes also agrees that online learning will become a $325 billion industry by 2025.

How to make passive income through an online course?

Everything we want to learn is available on the internet today. Many students who opted for e-learning amid Covid-19 also started teaching online, because who does not love extra money?

If they can do it, you can too. Depending on your skills, consider creating an online course. There are many platforms where you can teach online, such as Just create these courses on any topic and charge as per your will.

You can also create an audio or video course and then kick back while the money proceeds from the sale of your online course.

Trust us, creating an online course is a great option when it comes to building multiple streams of income.

3. Sell Your Skills or Services

What better way there could be to get some extra side money in exchange for your time and skills. Selling your skills or services is one of the most popular multiple streams of income that people try.

It is kind of a part-time job but with more control in your hands.

For instance, if you are good at teaching, you can start teaching students online. Preply is a good example of enrolling and becoming online teachers worldwide.

Similarly, if you are good at writing, you can become a freelance writer for local and international groups.

Several companies are on the lookout for finding quality writers for their businesses. You can write content for websites, articles, blog posts, and even press releases to earn money.

Moreover, famous websites like Upwork,, and Fiverr can help you pitch clients directly.

However, not many people like to write. So, other services they can consider are video-editing and social media management online. You can also become a freelance voiceover or makeup artist.

Some of you can also try becoming a virtual assistant who enables companies to plan and manage their content, etc.

4. Do Online Business

Selling something online or doing an online business is probably the easiest yet underrated way amongst the multiple streams of income.

Many people want to have a cash flow, but they get overwhelmed with the idea of selling items online. You can literally sell anything and everything online.

You just have to find your target audience and the right platform to sell your products and boom. So, spend some time learning what items are best for selling or online.

If you have unique craftwork that you can make and sell online, try selling them online. Homemade cakes, jewelry, and candles are good examples.

Similarly, if you have design skills, they can become valuable if you sell them online.

You can also find great deals and buy items at a discount from companies and then resell them for your profit. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are also platforms for selling online. In addition, online spaces like Amazon and eBay are also great platforms. Besides, you can also build your own dedicated free online store.

5. Make Money Via a Side Gig

Your full-time job is great, but have you ever thought about doing a side gig as well and taking some extra money home? Well, you must have multiple streams of income.

A side gig or hustle is a method to make money outside after your nine-to-five routine. A side gig is typically something you do not want to do on a long-term basis usually. But it will get you extra money for the time you want. 

So, what are the famous side passive side hustles these days?

Becoming a driver is one of the ways to earn passive income and create multiple streams of income. You work as much and whenever you want.

You can drive when your schedule allows you. This side gig is manageable alongside a full-time job. Many people even take rides while going and returning from their permanent workplaces.

Similarly, you can also become a food delivery driver on platforms like Foodpanda. 

6. Sell Profitable Digital Products

Digital Products

A digital product can sell or circulate online. Many people or budding entrepreneurs prefer creating their businesses around digital products.

Why? Because it is easy to launch or sell them compared to physical items or services.

The good thing is that these products come in digital files that are downloadable or streamable, for instance, PDFs, videos, MP3s, templates, and plug-ins.

When it comes to selling digital products as means of multiple streams of income, your options are endless. Here are our top picks of those digital products:

  • Learning Products 

Online courses are the best examples of digital products you can sell online. You can create an online course in PDF format or an online class lecture recording a video. You can include quizzes and engaging activities in your courses.

  • E-Books 

Consider creating less time-intensive e-books to sell them online. They can get you an easy passive income. Now you can write and self-publish an e-book on sites like Amazon for free. 

  • Digital Templates 

Apart from e-books, you can also create and sell audio, graphic work, videos, photos, templates, and apps as your digital products.

  • Art or Music Work 

You can also create and sell audio, graphic work, videos, photos, templates, and apps as your digital products.

For instance, a musician can put their best songs for sale as ringtones, or a cartoonist can convert their art into phone wallpapers.

7. Earn from Rental Property

Your good amount of savings in your bank account is not helping you because it is not increasing. After all, you have not invested them anywhere. The same goes for your assets that make money.

It is important to keep rolling your money to get multiple streams of income or passive money.

Buying a rental property is an excellent idea to add an income stream. But, it needs huge investments and continuing expenses.

If you can dare to take the challenge, real estate passive income is a real deal as the recovery on your investment is pretty high. 

Many people buy income-producing assets at below-market rates in far-flung areas and then put them up for rent or on sale at higher rates.

To keep that extra monthly flow of money going, you have to keep your rental property up to date as well.

Just be committed to your property, and it will not disappoint along the way. It is advisable to keep your income-generating assets well-maintained if you seek the passive dollars floating.

8. Real Estate Crowdfunding Is a Thing 

Real estate crowdfunding is a good alternative for people who are unwilling to rent their properties or do not have the investment for them.

It is a new way to invest in commercial real estate and earn additional money as a means of multiple streams of income.

Some websites allow everyday investors access to assets devoted to the rich only. These crowdfunding websites connect real estate professionals with individual investors. 

These individual investors are the people, who want to experience the world of real estate without possessing, financing, and handling any property.

With real estate crowdfunding, you can become a limited property owner for a smaller share of the money. So it is actually a good way to get started investing in real estate for real.

However, real estate crowdfunding involves some risks, but it can help improve your portfolio and provide good recoveries.

9. Build Wealth with Investment

Have you ever thought about investing in ETFs or mutual funds? You can get considerable returns to improve your income as one of your multiple streams of income, but if you do homework first.

Many people solely depend on mutual funds, ETFs, or dividend investing for their extra income.

But, you have to be careful as you can lose money too. So, ensure that you know the risks before you go for them.

A mutual fund is a sum of money that is invested in stocks, bonds, or other securities. Many people invest their money in them. Meanwhile, an ETF is an investment fund traded on the stock market.

10. Invest in Bonds

A bond is a fixed-income tool. It is a loan made by an investor to a borrower, usually corporate or governmental, and is a great method to up your multiple streams of income.

A bond is a kind of agreement between the lender and borrower with details of the loan and its payments.

They are a plan companies use to grow money. Many companies, states, and governments use them to fund projects and processes. 

Bonds include a date when the principal becomes payable to the bond owner. In addition, it has fixed interest payments made by the borrower.

Bonds are not stocks. They are an excellent way to diversify your investment. Therefore, even in an economic downturn and a decline in stocks, bonds may increase worth.

You can purchase bonds through a brokerage account. However, many people prefer buying them through a fund. You must weigh the best option as per your preferences.

Final Thoughts On Multiple Streams of Income 

How to create multiple streams of income, should not be bothering you now. We hope you have some idea by now about the demand for different/multiple streams of income to generate 10K money fast. 

Most people are now using the aforementioned multiple streams of income or best sources of passive income ideas apart from their main employment. It also gives them peace of mind and financial security.

Must you adopt all or one or two of these multiple streams of income? It is entirely up to you. However, the point is that you must start thinking about having at least one now to meet your financial goals with ease.

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