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Music Marketing in The Music Business – An Introduction

When music switched from being just a service to being a product, music marketing became an essential service. Music marketing helps independent musicians make a break in the music industry and get streaming promotion. Breaking into the industry can be difficult without proper marketing skills.

Music marketing consists of creating, communicating, delivering and trading music offers to end users who can benefit. Music marketing is the tool needed for you to have a voice and to be heard as a musician.

According to Spotify, 5.4 million of the 8 million people who uploaded their music to its platform have released below 10 songs. This shows that perhaps, these people are new to the world of music or they may not be entirely dedicated to making music a career. Around 25% of 165,000 to 199,000 artists who released at least 10 songs earn more than $10,000 from streaming on Spotify and $40,000 and above in total revenue.

Also, let us take a look at SoundCloud, analysis shows that it has 76 million users registered on the application and over 175 million people access it once every month.

Challenges Musicians Face in The Music Industry

Marketing is an integral part of the high rate of success in the music industry. Without it as a musician, you cannot reach your listeners. Your listeners will not get to know you and why you chose a career in the music industry or why they need to listen to your music. Music marketing comes in as a survival tool because competition is high.

Most talented artists are beginning to exit the music industry because they could not gain the popularity they desire or attract new listeners. There are talented artists and musicians who are referred to as independent today. Another major challenge artists face today, is the dependency on record labels, production companies, or music management. However, they chose to be independent using some music marketing strategies. Other challenges faced by musicians in the music industry include: reaching a genuine audience, connecting with the audience, understanding what the audience wants, and actually, satisfying these wants.

The goal of this article is to provide some insight into music marketing strategies that would help musicians. They can become independent without having to depend on any record label, production company, or music media management. However, this would mean using all the available tools to promote their music.

Music Marketing Tools to Use 

Some important tools to add to your music marketing efforts include social media, collaboration, email marketing, radio promotions, ad campaigns, live streams, and more. Some of these tools are free, while others cost more. The best option depends on the strategy you have chosen as well as the demographic you are trying to reach.

In the music business, where the rate of competition is high, the need to engage in strategic music marketing is very important. It is also important for a musician to build a sustainable career in the music industry. This is because there could be a possibility of switching careers from being a performing artist to becoming a music producer. The important thing is being ready if the time comes.

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