Muzaara Marketing Tool for Automating PLAs and Increasing ROI

Popularity of Product Listing Ads PLAs is increasing day by day and it can be witnessed from the fact that in the year 2015, retailers spend 47% more on PLAs than the previous year. For ecommerce retail, PLAs are probably the most powerful ad type because they have the highest CTR and so provide better qualified leads.

PLAs simply provide more information for customers, increasing the chances of an action. Instead of keywords, Product Listing Ads use the product attributes defined in the data feed. Large companies with complete PPC departments are taking most of the advantage, but small advertisers are struggling because it’s not that easy.

The good news for small and medium advertisers is that they can make most out of PLAs with Muzaara’s easy to use and intelligent marketing platform. It’s an advanced yet simple to use platform to create and manage ads on Google Shopping, Bing and Facebook.

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Muzaara uses existing advertisers product data feeds to streamline the process of creating & loading digital ads and then automates and optimizes adverts so they perform better! It actually saves lot of time and resources by using data feed to create product level ads and automating the performance adverts.

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They have a 14 days trial for all the packages, and the trial comes without any credit card requirement. Don’t miss the opportunity and try it to check how well it can go for your business!

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Muzaara in Their Own Words:

Muzaara is a marketing tool designed specifically for e-commerce advertisers who are looking to market their products via their data feed on Facebook, Bing, and Google.

Muzaara’s platform enables you to quickly and easily create ads for each and every one of your products through an automated process, and create rules for your Facebook, Bing and Google ad campaigns that can be changed on the fly.

What Brings Muzaara to the Spotlight:

Advertisers can save time and resources by automating their advertising on Google, Facebook and Bing.

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