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My Firm is Just Starting Up, Is Sending Legal Christmas Cards Worth It?

Part of every business tradition is the giving of Christmas cards to their valued customers and clients. In the legal world, maintaining good relationships with partners and clients is essential so that they can feel that they are important in the firm.

So, to take things up a notch, instead of just sending out ordinary holiday cards, why not send out themed Christmas cards, to be specific, legal Christmas cards! This will give your clientele the impression that you are not just some boring law firm, but one who likes to take things into a whole new perspective.

Where to Buy Legal Christmas Cards?

There are a lot of online and physical stores that sell Christmas cards, but if you want to give your clients only the best, then it is highly recommended that you buy your cards from They offer a wide array of designs that will make your clients and partners impressed as to how you were able to incorporate the legal world to the Christmas season.

Why Should I send Legal Christmas Cards?

Aside from it being a business tradition, sometimes you just wonder why you have to spend any amount on some cards. If you must know, this is an important gesture because this lets your business partners, your clients, your employees to feel that their contribution to your firm is not being taken for granted.

Especially if you have just started up and want to take your law firm to the next level, it is important that you should be able to establish connections both the new and existing in order to make your business flourish. This will also let people know that you exist, and you are offering legal services. Another way to take your law firm to the next level is to have your interns take a paralegal or secretary course.

Below are some reason why it will be good if you choose to send out legal Christmas cards –

Sending out Christmas cards sets as a reminder that your firm exists

This is the most basic level as to why you should be sending out Christmas cards especially when you are just starting up because your cards will work just like a newsletter, that is an indirect way of popping up on your prospective client’s radar without giving them the impression of looking too pushy.

This a perfect excuse for being noticed especially if you send them customized legal Christmas cards. This will give them the idea that you are a firm with a lot of perspectives and you deserved to be noticed.

It lets your clients know that you are real people

Because you chose to send out customized legal Christmas cards, this adds a personal element to it, making it a great ingredient of establishing the best business relationships.

So when you are sending out Christmas cards to your clients, see to it that you do not just send out the same generic message to every client on your list. It will great if you can include a hand-written note, especially if this is going to be sent to some of your important contacts because this will help in reminding them that you value their contribution, you can even put in some private joke that you have shared, or some good wishes and luck with that specific goal that they may have mentioned when you worked together.

It lets your clients know they are important to the firm

If you will not take that much of an effort, well, anyone can just fire off a giant box of low-cost Christmas cards from the pound shop.

But, of course, you are not that kind of firm. You should be sending out Christmas cards that are polished, professionally printed – that is complete with your firm’s logo and branding – so that your clients will feel that you are sincere and they are significant enough to deserve a great Christmas card that is a product of thought, effort, and money spent.

Sending out Christmas cards will also let some of your newer customers and prospective clients that you are an established business that has enough money to spend that you give credence to the quality of work that you do.

It creates a psychological debt

Although sometimes, sending out Christmas cards may seem insignificant, however, you should know that every Christmas card is a small gift that you give. It is a gesture of goodwill and it is also a token of the business relationship that you have with that certain client.

Thus, on a psychological level, your client or business partners will also feel an obligation to return the favor to you, even though they may not realize it consciously.

This could mean that when your clients are considering their options, they will give more weight to your business, thus, they will more likely be responding to your emails and flyers that you are going to send in the future.

So, when you send out that one small Christmas card, this can be the spark that ends up bringing you with more businesses in the new year to come. So you should never ignore having the opportunity of getting into someone’s books.

Other law firms are already doing it, better not be left behind!

The greeting cards industry is worth billions, and this comes with a good reason. This means that your competitors who take their customers seriously are already in the process of planning their seasonal marketing push. But, of course, you would not want to become the firm that did not bother.

There are already a lot of businesses who are sending out Christmas cards every year and it will help if you can find a way to differentiate yourself – that is by sending customized legal Christmas cards.

But, aside from giving out greatly-designed Christmas cards, one of the easiest ways that you can do to get your Christmas cards to get noticed is to get the right timing when you send your cards. So, you should get in early before your customers are starting to get sick of them, however, if you may be a tad late for Christmas, you can choose to skip it and send out New Year’s greetings instead, so that when you greeting card arrives, it is not going to be drowned out by a flood of the other cards.

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