MyDetails; The Interactive Business Card

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Business cards are still popular and powerful, because they are used by not just the executives of large enterprises but small time business owners also make their effective use. However, storage is a big issue; you cannot hold hundreds on business cards in your wallet, neither is it easy to copy the information from so many cards to an excel sheet.

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Knowing the problem, MyDetails brings an interactive business card solution with which you can now send an automatically generated interactive business card. It works with all email clients and does not require any action from the receiver as well.

All you need to do is to create a profile and start sending your interactive business cards immediately. To make things easier, it also allows you to import your data from your LinkedIn profile. No installation or action is required from the receiver and being platform & email client independent you can send your business cards to just anyone.

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Don’t worry if you are concerned more about brand identity; your card can be entirely customized to the design of your company.

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Download the app from the App Store and try it today!


MyDetails in Their Own Words:

MyDetails is the interactive business card that makes a modern impression. MyDetails is the easiest way to directly get into your contact’s Inbox with an Interactive Business Card and to realize a follow-up.

What Brings MyDetails to the Spotlight:

It’s easy, it’s convenient, it’s fast and it let’s more trees to live!

MyDetails Website:

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