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MyEV.Online; a Community for Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts

According to the Global EV Outlook 2020, the sales of electric cars reached 2.1 million globally in 2019, boosting the stock to 7.2 million EVs. The statistics estimate the global electric vehicle stock (excluding two/three-wheelers) will reach nearly 140 million vehicles by 2030 and this will account for 7% of the global vehicle fleet.

So, electric vehicles are the future!

There are tens of benefits these vehicles bring in, but most importantly they have the biggest advantage of being environment friendly, which is why more countries are promoting the use of EVs.

Moreover, the low running costs and improved driving experience are the key factors for consumers to consider when they plan to switch to electric vehicles. However, the EV market is still at its threshold and the online information can be very overwhelming for the first timers especially.

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Finding the right information about electric vehicles online can be tricky and making an informed decision can be tough. aims to solve this core problem by offering a platform where you can find all about electric vehicles. is an electric car community where EV enthusiasts can find accurate information through news articles and discussions.

Whether you are driving an EV for a while and looking to buy a new one or you are a first timer looking to make an informed decision for your first purchase, asking other EV enthusiasts is probably the best way to make the right choice.

One of the most interesting and useful parts of the community is the EV charging time calculator that lets you find the optimum charging time for your electric vehicle. It also which briefly answers all your questions related to charging and battery.

Whether you want to know the best electric cars or where to get the authentic accessories, getting recommendations from other EV community members is an authentic way to proceed. So, take a minute and sign up at and be sure to find the right help.

Alternatively, if you are someone who really knows a lot about EVs, it’s surely the best use of your knowledge and expertise to educate and help others by joining the community. What a wonderful way of giving back to the community it is to help them make informed decisions.

MyEv.Online in Their Own Words:

Do you drive electric? Or are you interested in EV’s? On you can find everything about electric vehicles: news, information and discussions on our EV Forum. Together we electrify the world!

What Brings MyEv.Online to the Spotlight?

Electric vehicles are the future and this is the community of future!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.