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Naveego DQS for Faster & Accurate Data Analysis

Even in this technologically advanced era, many organizations still use manual processes to manage customer and prospect data, while others have Excel spreadsheets to manage the organizational data. Well, Excel is not designed to be a data quality tool; it’s a basic desktop spreadsheet and that’s all.

Data quality matters most, when it comes to devise a business growth strategy, however, the poor data quality is the biggest problem for almost all data analysts. You may add layers of dedicated resources to filter the data, but the actionable items must be readily available on time, which is not just possible with spreadsheets. Automation with maximum accuracy is the solution, and you need a specifically designed tool to so.

Naveego DQS is one such tool that simply and securely integrates your data sources, proactively identifies problem data, and delivers actionable insights in minutes.

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With such an efficient tool you can devise a successful business growth strategy in less time. Speed up your financial reporting, measure the correct industry insights, set your marketing campaigns based on behavioral analysis of potential customers and do it all in minutes.

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No more recurring data issues and no need to learn the formulas to analyze your data. Naveego DQS helps you close the loop on problem data, so you never lose sight of data issues. Further, it’s low cost, low maintenance and is high scalable. You can also directly connect it with your MySQL or MsSQL database for more convenience.

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Naveego DQS is ideal for data analysts, developers, BI Analysts and database managers, but the benefits are not just limited to them, i.e. the automation and quickly available actionable items will surely boost the productivity of just any department.

Don’t miss the beta release and do apply for the Naveego DQS early access on their website. No credit card required, so you can test with full confidence and without any liability!

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Naveego DQS in Their Own Words:

Naveego DQS is a new, easy way to track, analyze, and monitor the quality of the data you use every day to make critical business decisions — all in one centralized tool. You will spend less time fighting data quality issues and more time building data you can actually trust.

Naveego DQS creates confidence and trust around the quality and accuracy of your data and also reduces the complexity of your data quality process.

What Brings Naveego DQS to the Spotlight:

It’s easy to use, cost effective and highly beneficial for businesses that have growth as their top priority.

Naveego DQS Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.