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Neon Lights For Outdoor Use

Neon lights have become quite common as a decorative source of light. The use of neon light for indoor functions is quite common. However, many wonder if Neon lights can be adapted for outdoor use.

Are you a lover of the calm and soothing effect Neon lights bring but are worried about the product’s durability, especially for outdoor events and functions? Read as we discuss more Neon Lights and their performance outdoors.

Outdoor Uses Of Neon Lights


One common outdoor function of Neon Lights is advertisement. Due to its glow-in-the-dark feature, Neon signages have been chosen by many establishments to help attract customers. Bar and restaurant owners have their brand names or logos on neon signs to call out to customers.

Wedding Events

Wedding events and other outdoor parties also adopt the use of signage. Most couples use neon lights to highlight their wedding hashtag or couple initials. Not only does it complete the look and feel of the environment, but neon signages are also known to last for years, even with constant usage. Hence, many event planners and decoration teams make use of Neon signs.

Neon Light Adaptation For Outdoor Uses

Manufacturers of Neon Lights and Signages recognize that some Neon products are needed for functions that would require outdoor use. Hence, some features help improve these lights’ operations in such conditions.

Neon Light In The Cold

The gases that LED Neon Lights are made of—Argon and Neon allow your neon signs to withstand low temperatures. Hence, cold weather would not cause damage to your neon lights. You should, however, ensure that the tubes or covering it comes with stay intact to prevent damage.

Neon Light In Heat

Heat does not affect Neon lights when they are placed outdoors. Many also wonder if outdoor usage makes neon signs too hot; the answer is NO. During manufacturing, these lights are subjected to far more extreme conditions than the temperature they will be exposed to outdoors. Hence, there is no reason why heat from the sunlight should affect your neon signs, except if they were not correctly manufactured.

Dirt And Stains

Having your neon signs working outside frequently could make them subject to dirt or stains from the environment. The answer is yes if you are wondering if these can be cleaned off. However, clean dirt off or wipe stains with a dry napkin. If you have to remove stubborn stains with water, ensure that you have turned off the source of light, then give yourself some time before you begin cleaning.

Can I Leave The Light On Overnight?

Yes, neon signs last longer with 24/7 usage. Even outdoors, you do not have to turn off your neon signs when going to bed. Not only do they light up the environment in darkness, but they also last longer this way.

Final Thoughts

Neon lights are not only great for indoor uses; they also work well in outdoor spaces. You can enjoy great benefits from using your neon light outside the house with the right conditions and suitable functions. They serve decorative, advertising, and lighting functions. Read more about Neon Signs and their properties here.

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