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5 Ways to Get New Employees Up to Speed Quickly

Every hiring manager desires to have the new hires come up to speed with the organization’s culture as soon as possible. Balancing the newcomers’ need to learn and your desire to be productive can be a challenge. 

5 Ways to Get New Employees Up to Speed Quickly

Instead of basing your approach on your company’s traditional protocol, it would help if you choose more efficient practices that make onboarding much more straightforward. This post focuses on the best ways of bringing a new hire on board much faster.   

Clarify The Role and Expectations

One mistake employers make while onboarding a new employee is failing to clearly outline the new hire’s job description from the beginning. If you are keen on ensuring your recruits get off to a good start, it is critical that you clarify their roles in the organization.

A good way to do this is to provide them with a written overview of their primary duties, ranking them in their order of priority.

Use a Learning Management Systems (LMS) to Deliver Training

Technology is changing virtually everything, and employee onboarding hasn’t been left out. Today, organizations can harness the power of an enterprise LMS such as Bigtincan to get new hires up to speed quickly.

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Generally, this computer-based learning program helps to reduce the employee’s onboarding period, enhance information retention, and help develop employee skills over time.

Engage A Team Member

It is recommendable to involve a team member in getting a new hire up to speed. Allocating a mentor who knows the ins and outs of the organization to a recruit helps them fit in more readily.

Additionally, the mentor helps the new hire socialize with other team members, helping them feel a part of the team, which is good for productivity

Besides, the opportunity to mentor and engage a team member gives the mentor a chance to demonstrate their leadership skills while taking the responsibility of training off their shoulders as a manager.

Offer Feedback

Training a newcomer can be time-consuming. The time spent on learning may differ from person to person, and it’s understandable to get frustrated at it.

The most common mistake employers make with new hires is to do the work meant for the new employees when they are not happy with the results. The problem with that approach is that it doesn’t help promote learning on the side of the new hire.

Rather than do it yourself, offer feedback to the new hire and let them understand their mistakes. Additionally, you may consider improving your training approach. Patience is critical, considering some concepts may be entirely new to the recruit.

Establish Solid Relationships

The comfort level of a new employee can significantly impact their productivity. It is vital that new employees feel comfortable around coworkers and are not afraid of reaching out for help when they need it.

Assigning them a mentor for the first few days can be a good starting point for establishing a trust-based relationship with coworkers.

Final Words

Many organizations do a great job hiring skilled employees, but many fail at getting them acquainted with the organization’s culture, which affects their productivity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. By following the ideas highlighted in this post, you will be able to integrate your new employees within the shortest time possible and maximize their productivity.


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