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New York Entrepreneur Raquel Vendome Continuing The Legacy Of Her Father

New York entrepreneur Raquel Vendome is continuing the legacy of her father Antonio Vendome. In fact, the Vendomes are synonymous with cutting-edge and innovative architectural concepts and designs. Also known as “Nino”, Antonio is considered a Big Apple real-estate icon and legend. In fact, he created some of the first concepts in the habitable sculpture trend with Phillip Johnson in the 90s.

As a true visionary, Nino specialized in integrating artistic accents to modern and contemporary architectural design. His world-renowned “The Seasons” building spearheaded the architect-as-sculpture movement — one that continues to flourish and emanated by worldwide architectural firms and designers.

Nino’s work embodies the true spirit of architectural ingenuity and modernity.  From The Urban Glass House to American Kitchen, Nino’s designs are known the world over — and have truly electrified the New York City real-estate market. While his shoes are certainly big to fill, Nino’s daughter Raquel has taken on the challenge of continuing her father’s legacy in design. In fact, she has already unleashed several breathtaking designs and concepts for existing and future projects.

Raquel will also work alongside her dad in creating a contemporary residential high-rise along York Avenue and 62nd street. This habitable sculpture features stunning interiors, exquisite exteriors and world-class décor intertwined with practical applications for daily living and social life. The sky rise will also showcase commercial complexes draped in cubist-style designs, art and décor.

While the concept of habitable buildings is credited to Nino and Phillip Johnson, both sought inspiration from Picasso and Braque’s artistic masterpieces. These concepts combined elements of structural design with cubism and geo-metric shapes and styles. In fact, the Art Noveau movement heavily borrowed from cubist art and sculptures as well.

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The high-rise project on York Avenue will offer 50 residential units and commercial spaces. With a strong emphasis on unique floor plans, the structure will feature innovative acoustics and captivating designs. The Vendomes have partnered with Phillip Johnson and Alan Ritchie on the project — with the hope that this artistic structure will seamlessly integrate functionality, performance and meet the practical needs of its residents and environment.

Raquel has also embarked on several personal projects that will embrace the current social trends and designs. Similarly, she has pledged to uphold her family’s commitment to honesty, civility and integrity with each and every project. These essential traits are the foundation of the Vendome real-estate empire — one that continues to be admired, heralded and praised by fellow architectural firms and residents alike.

Raquel has always been a hard worker and loves different challenges. In fact, she is known for her determination to see a project through completion. She also hopes to follow in Nino’s footsteps, while propelling the family business to new heights and possibilities.  With endless opportunities available for Raquel and the Vendomes, even the sky is not the limit for this incredibly creative and amazing family.

As Raquel continues the real-estate legacy her father has left behind for her — she will continue to expand on all his visions and habitable sculpture applications. As always, Raquel will throw her own innovative thought processes and designs into the mix, which should make for some inspiring and eye-catching designs and buildings now and into the future.

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