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Newsprompt Brings You all the Latest Trending News Stories at One Place

Ever wondered why you miss some of the most important news on internet? Well, it’s because there’s too much duplication and the real time news stream is flooded with so many stories that most of them get into the bottom in no time

So, you probably have not been using any app or may be your new app is not efficient enough to get you updates on all that interests you and all that’s in the limelight.

One web app which will answer all your worries of losing on the trending topics and news items is Newsprompt.  All you need to do is to add the extension to your Chrome browser and it will scan 1000+ top websites to get you all the latest news stories and articles from across the web.

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Newsprompt with its smart algorithms makes sure that you don’t get duplicate news, only the most relevant and accurate news hits your newsfeed. Best feature of Newsprompt is its personalized recommendations, which updates your news stream with what you’re interested in.

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You don’t need to put extra effort to configure news updates of your interest. Newsprompt’s algorithm does all the hard work of looking up for your interests from your browsing patterns and saves you all the effort of configuring to sites, topics and categories of your interest. Hence you get clean more focused news from the topics of your interest.

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Newsprompt in their Own Words:

Newsprompt scans 1000+ top websites in real time to get you the top news & articles across the web. Unlike your social feeds, our smart algorithms ensures removal of duplicate stories so you get through news faster.

In addition to news, everything that the internet is talking about right now. Never miss out on a global trending article ever again.

Our personalized recommendations skim through the noise to find articles which we know you will like to read & share. No configuration needed.


What Brings Newsprompt to the Spotlight:

Minimal repetition makes it the fastest way to discover the news from around the world.


Newsprmpt Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.