NextHub; Topic Centered Communities on Shared Interests

Did you know how Justin Beiber became a star?

Well, it was Scooter Braun (a former marketing executive of So So Def) who found one of Bieber’s 2007 videos by accident, got impressed, tracked down the theatre Bieber was performing in, located Bieber’s school, and finally took him along to Atlanta to record demo tapes.

Well, getting found for your talent on a major social media website like Youtube or Facebook is not that easy now. These networks a rushed with masses and anyone can copy and repost your work. A wise idea can be connecting to authentic publishers who can give voice to your opinion or skills.

NextHub is a solution that has topic-centered communities called hubs. Publishers create interesting hubs on latest news, videos and photos. And you can contribute to the evolution of the hubs by submitting your best photos. Who knows, your photo might become the buzz of the day or your video may get a million views.

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Signup and get involved to see how it works!

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On the other hand if you’re a publisher and want build something much, much bigger, trying NextHub co-creation tools can really be helpful. Let your followers help you achieve a fast pace growth.

As NextHub is available on both iOS and Google Play, you can access it from anywhere!

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NextHub in Their Own Words:

NextHub allows users to connect and interact in communities centered on shared interests. It’s a platform that categorizes content into topics published in HUBs followed by users who shares same interest

What Brings NextHub to the Spotlight:

It solves the way publishers produce, monetize and engage their followers around their content.

NextHub Website: