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What Does NFT Means?

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NFTs are perhaps the most mind-blowing invention in recent times. NFTs have brought to life an idea that previously seemed impossible operating on a decentralized market that factors in all trade sizes from quick payments to colossal digits depending on what you can offer.

Through NFTs, artists can sell their creations online without the fear of duplication. Despite being popularized mainly around arts and design, NFTs provide opportunities for almost anyone with an idea of how to enter the distribution chain as a service provider.

Their popularity and rising demand make it possible to create various startups that will in no way get in the way of your full-time job or daily routine. But first:

What Are NFTS?

The invention of NFTs dates back to 2015 when the first project was launched under the Ethereum crypto coin. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be forged.

They are referred to as non-fungible tokens because one asset exists as the only, with no possible means of duplication or equalization with another. However, their ownership can be traded between different parties and stored for future resell.

Here are some startup ideas in the NFTs space:

Sell NFT Gaming Assets

The design of blockchains makes the gaming industry even more exciting. The most outstanding feature is optimized privacy, which allows gamblers to try out different gaming landscapes without the worry of being traced or their data stolen.

Cryptos also offer a universal mode of transacting payments and facilitating the transfer of game assets between gamers.

Most NFT startups are slow-paced compared to the fast-paced gaming industry, where you can make hundreds of sales in minutes.

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Recent developments in the gaming industry support the integration of NFTs into online gaming with big operators like Evolution Gaming getting ownership rights of four Cryptopunks.

These are to be introduced as prizes in their esteemed slot machine gaming. The “NFT Megaways” will be the first slot machine of its kind empowered by NFTs.

The gaming industry is projected to grow exponentially by the start of next year getting to the $516 billion annual revenue mark. This presents new opportunities with the recent merging of NFTs and the gaming industry.

Content creation in the growing field is another viable startup. Trendy news can be disseminated through newsletters for a quick income. However, you have to be unique to beat the competition.

This means that you need to substantially understand NFTs to be more elaborate, even with the most sophisticated topics.

You can cover topics such as new major deals, press releases, and market developments. There are many ways to earn from newsletters, including attaching affiliate links, selling Ad space, subscriptions, and welcoming donations.

Having a huge fanbase can present a good opportunity to sell your NFTs or to offer brokerage services.

Alternatively, you can write blogs, ebooks or offer online courses on platforms such as Masterclass and Udemy. You can also brunch to other platforms such as Youtube to reach a wider audience and diversify your income source.

NFTs Brokerage

With the huge numbers of NFTs being transacted, there is always a rising need for a secure and reliable transfer platform broker who can facilitate the viewing and trading of NFTs.

Even for art die-hards, selling the best creations in the market becomes inevitable at some point. They have to sell at a higher price than their initial purchase.

For a lucrative sale, sellers have to wait until there is enough demand for a commanding price. This means that trading NFTs is more lucrative and less risky.

The secret to being successful down this line is timing.

NFT White Labels

Numerous brands have long practiced white labeling. It has experienced massive success by making almost no changes to the authenticity of products. Essentially, white labels collect products from manufacturers and rebrand them to their liking.

This means that they sell the brand rather than the product idea. For instance, white labels collect products from Chinese manufacturers and sell them on Shopify. Rebranding is easier with NFTs as blockchain technology originally comes with the functionality.

Alternatively, the ability of NFTs to hold distinguishable digital assets makes it possible to sell limited collectibles.

Currently, the most prevalent participants in this sector include celebrities such as artists and athletes. This does not mean that the product has to associate with its creator.

You can create a stand-alone product such as graphic designs, instrumentals, and abstract art, as long as you can find a market.

You also need solid marketing skills unless you have a ready market. Like traditional markets, your chances with competition depend on the quality and appeal of your product compared to rivals.

Final Word

With decentralization, the blockchain space is a highly lucrative venture, considering it is free from taxation and traditional facilitators such as banks. You can trade NFTs for ethereum coins, which is more manageable.

However, you need to understand the loopholes of whichever business you choose to venture into, as the online space is targeted by frauds, including the most skilled in the global village.


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