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Must-Haves and Simply Nice-to-Haves for Your New Workplace

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Finding the right space for your new offices can be a tricky thing to do. With so many things to consider, you might feel like it’s impossible to find something that suits everyone’s needs.

Must-Haves and Simply Nice-to-Haves for Your New Workplace

To make the process a bit easier, here are 8 “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” you should look for in a new workplace.

1. Natural Light

An absolute “must-have” for your new workplace is the presence of natural light. If workers are indoors without access to natural light for the entire day, this can have an adverse effect on their health, leading to poor sleep and less productive working.

When selecting the location of your new offices, try and select a building that has large windows, and is majority open plan to make the most of the natural sunlight. This can not only make employees feel better, but it can also help you cut down on your energy bills too.

2. Dedicated Break Area

We have all worked in one of those places where you have no choice but to sit behind your desk even during your breaks. However, eating lunch whilst at your desk can make it harder to feel like you have had a break, and might make you feel like you have to continue working even when eating.

Instead, make sure that there is a dedicated break area for employees in your new workspace. Giving them a change of environment will help them to relax, returning to work refreshed. In turn, this will increase employee productivity.

3. Top-Notch Amenities

Does your break room only have a kettle and a microwave? In the modern-day workplace, this might not cut it. Introduce a water cooler, coffee machine, vending machines, and other top-notch amenities to the office for a welcome perk for employees.

4. Ergonomic Office Furniture

In the UK, 8.9 million working days are lost due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders and injuries in only a year. This averages out at 18.4 days for every person who was suffering from such a disorder.

One of the leading causes of work-related musculoskeletal problems is, of course, low-quality office furniture.

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If you work 9-5 every day, that’s 8 hours that you might spend sitting in an office chair.  Therefore, a “must-have” of your new workplace is ergonomic and comfortable office furniture.

5. Personalized Workspaces

Allowing employees to personalize their workspaces is an easy and effective way to improve overall morale and productivity. So, it would be nice to have a workplace that gives employees the option to put up photos of their family and bring in little trinkets from home.

6. Offer Benefits or Perks

Looking now at the non-tangible “must-haves” for your new workspace, the first essential thing you should get is benefits or perks for your employees.

Whether it is a comprehensive benefits package, subsidized childcare, or offering free doughnuts once a week, it will go a long way to make sure your workplace is happy.

This can also help you to attract and retain employees. In fact, 80% of employees would prefer their workplace to offer additional benefits rather than an increase in their salary.

7. Invest in Growth

Another must for your workplace is the opportunity and the means to be able to invest in growth and expand your business when the time is right.

To do so, it’s important to make sure the workplace is the right size for your company’s goals.

If the workspace is too big, then you might not have the spare capital to invest back into the business, however, if it is too small then you will have to move offices once the business begins to grow.

One way you might combat this is to look at a serviced office from BE Offices. These serviced offices come all-inclusive for a competitive monthly rate.

With options for anywhere between one to one thousand desks, the space that your business occupies is easily scalable when you begin to grow, without the need to keep finding a brand-new workplace every time you expand.

8. Trust

And finally, arguably the most important “must-have” of a new workplace is trust. Every business must have a culture of trust between its stakeholders. Your team wants to be trusted with responsibilities as it shows you are confident in them, and they want to be able to trust you to put them first.


As many of us spend the majority of our waking hours at the office, it is essential to make sure that your new workplace is a place of happiness and fulfillment. With these top tips, “must-haves”, and “nice-to-haves”, you will be able to make sure your new workplace is an enjoyable space.


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