Nimb; A Smart Ring that Ensures Your Safety in Style

Worried about your old mother at home, want to know if your kid is safe at the trip and how your younger sibling is doing at night shift?

We all care for the safety of loved ones and want to be notified immediately when in time of need but emergencies can be scary and sometimes they don’t spare enough time even to make a call.

Inspired by real experiences, a group of brilliant minds came up with a product which incorporates safety and style at the same time: Nimb. It is a ring with a concealed button that triggers an alert message to emergency services and your loved ones when in trouble.

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In case of any trouble, just press the button and hold it for three seconds — a message with your profile info and GPS coordinates reaches your preset contacts in time of need. It comes with a mobile application to manage your emergency contacts, your location and also your proximity to your cellphone. It also avoids sending alerts by mistake as the sunken button makes it harder to accidentally push and it must be held for 3 seconds in order to send an alert.

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With a battery life of two weeks, it’s rechargeable, available in two standard colors and comes in different sizes for all.

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Consider yourself and loved ones safe with Nimb, even when no one seems to be close by. They surely live by their motto: ‘We thrive to make the world a safer place for everyone.’ Explore more about the product on Kickstarter and get your Nimb on special price!

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Nimb in their own words:

Nimb is a ring with a concealed button that notifies family, friends, emergency services and the Nimb community when you’re in trouble.


What brings Nimb to the Spotlight?

It is a safety product that suits people of all age groups and comes in a stylish design so you can look trendy at the same time.


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