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No More Isolated Decisions; Get Trullo to Collect Opinions of Friends & Experts

“Open discussion” is one of the revolutions internet brought in our lives; we can share ideas and collect information from people around the world in no time. But, as a fact of the matter it’s a constant change and with the abundance of information online, it’s hard to filter the qualitative one.

I have to buy a skin care product and I am looking for reviews before spending some good money on it, but are those reviews real? That may be a sponsored content! I am also not comfortable with taking strangers’ opinion on products forums! 

Well, that’s where we need to get advice from trusted resources, i.e. friends or experts!

Trullo is a mobile app that lets you get the best advice from your trusted resources. With the app in your iPhone you can share, discuss, and discover the things you love and tell your friends about these.

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Trullo as it is a network of friends and experts sharing experiences with each other, helps you making better decisions. Let it be discovering your next great book, movie or gadget ou can make a better choice with Trullo.

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Trullo in Their Own Words:

Trullo is a network of friends and experts where you share your opinions, i.e. post quick reviews of your experiences about great books, TV shows, movies, and things you enjoy.

Learn more about your friends and their interests by connecting with them and discover new things, i.e. most popular things to read, watch, and buy from the community. Create your wishlist to save cool things that inspire. Your next great experience is waiting!

What Brings Trullo to the Spotlight:

It’s a better option to take advice from the people we know best rather than taking strangers advice or isolated decision making.

Trullo Website:

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