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Novel Crowd Sourcing Made Easy with Book Threads

  • Are you an aspiring author?
  • Are you looking to publish a book but cannot fully write it?
  • Are you looking to create an amazing book that generates a huge buzz?

Well, in all the cases above, you need help of like minded people who are readily available to contribute to your success. You may look for assistance within friends and family, but they are too busy to help you.

So, here comes BookThreads; a platform for  crowd sourced novels. It’s very simple, yet laudably amazing.  Once you write the first chapter, anyone can write the next. Allowing for multiple ‘next’ chapters can get you totally diversified results, making your story just more than superb.

It’s a great option when you are really stuck at taking the novel to the next level, especially right according to the reader’s choice.

Experiencing writers’ block?

Signup for Book Threads and let others help you!

For writing geeks and those who want to create a big story, it’s certainly a good choice. You don’t need to sign up even. Without having an account you can read any book and follow any chapter threads, but to start writing and voting you need to register on the website.

bookthreads logo

Book Threads in Their Own Words:

We are trying to completely crowd source a novel; whereby anyone can start a book – simply write the first chapter! After that, anything is possible.

Anyone (except the author of the first chapter) can write Chapter #2, but more importantly, multiple people can write _different_ Chapter ‪#‎2s‬! From there, readers can upvote and downvote their favorites while others can continue threading off of their favorite Chapter 2 to create a Chapter 3 along the same story path.

Multiple writers, multiple possible threads of the book, and the most popular thread chosen by readers.

It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure for both writers and readers!

What Brings Book Threads to the Spotlight?

Multiple writers, multiple possibilities and story development in the exact way readers want altogether supercharge lot of writers. It’s a great productivity tool for authors and all those to be writers who want to polish their skills before going to the stage!

Book Threads Website:

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