nullNude; A Must Have for User Generated Content Hubs

Starting and running a web based service that is powered by user generated content is not only a lucrative business, but also a great way to give back to the society. However, running such a service is not that easy!

Websites with large amount of user generated content must have some form of moderation in place, to keep the service in good health. Usually such businesses have a few or more in-house resources appointed as moderators. The manual moderation is a time consuming task and can be frustrating often.

nullNude is a step forward content moderation through API, making it automated, more convenient, and faster than ever before. It’s an adult content detection API with the world’s best visual recognition technology that can scan and moderate thousands of photos and remove unwanted adult content from your website.

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It’s faster, saves money and gives your users a better experience while making your moderation team’s control more effective.

Using nullNude you can either automatically reject flagged content or just flag it for review later on. And that is something a single person instead of a full team of moderators can do.

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Get nullNude, leave content moderation on a single resource and utilize your team’s skills for more productive and revenue generating tasks.

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nullNude in Their Own Words:

An API for automatic adult content/nudity detection based on deep learning. We want to give a tool that enables website to reduce costs of mundane human moderation of user generated content.

Our product is a cost-effective web service built to understand visual media. Using the API, you can automatically moderate thousands of photos and remove unwanted adult/nude content from your services to protect your brand.


What Brings nullNude to the Spotlight:

It’s a smart moderation tool that every UGC based website must consider!


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