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3 Things to Keep in Mind About Numbered Labels

There are literally thousands of different applications where sequentially numbered labels are the perfect solution for your business. You can make use of numbered stickers in order to assist with product identification, or sequencing can help with any traceability requirements you might need for your product range.

If your business needs a solution that involves numbered labels here are some key points to consider.

A better solution than barcoding?

There is no doubt that a barcoding system has its merits and it can be an efficient way of identifying products and relevant data relating to each item. However, it is also worth pointing out that there are plenty of occasions where sequentially numbered labels might offer a more viable and efficient alternative.

Ultimately, your aim is likely to be to create a way of making identification and traceability as quick and easy as possible. Numbered labels that follow a sequential pattern are a good option to consider when you are carrying out an inventory check, for instance.

These numbered labels can be read more quickly and easily than if you were having to use a barcode scanner. This makes the stock-checking process quicker and easier.

The simplicity of the sequencing and the fact that you can adapt the labeling to meet your specific needs allow you to take control of your assets with the minimum of hassle.

A variety of very different uses

The primary purpose of using sequentially numbered labels is to make it easy to identify assets within the business and track where they are using the information that is readily available on the label.

Invariably, you often have to compromise on how you collate and display product data when you are using a barcode system. On the other hand, you have much more of a free hand when it comes to designing numbered labels that say exactly what you want them to.

It is easy to add a text prefix before each number sequence. You can even add your own artwork and other unique imaging and information. This means you can create a numbered label system that is bespoke to your business requirements.

Whether you want to label perishable items or apply an inventory number to assets held within the business, it is clear that there are almost endless ways to take advantage of the versatility that you can get when using numbered labels.

You can use different adhesives and finishes

You will also discover that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to how your labels are produced and finished.

The choice of labels extends to deciding whether you want permanent, or removable adhesives used. Digital printing quality will also ensure that the display is highly visible and clearly readable every time.

If you need your labels to be waterproof, or printed on self-adhesive paper, with either a matt or gloss finish, these are all options that are perfectly possible when you decide to use numbered labels.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to look at how numbered labels can improve the way your business runs on a daily basis.

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